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Sydnew and Sammy Duston love to go fishing with their grandfather, Gazette outdoor columnist Ed Noonan, on Saratoga Lake.
Sydnew and Sammy Duston love to go fishing with their grandfather, Gazette outdoor columnist Ed Noonan, on Saratoga Lake.

I stopped by the Lake Lonely Watersports to see how the fishing has been and spoke with owner Dave DeLuca. He said the panfish were biting as were the bass, and there has also been some northern pike taken.

I noticed that he had made some changes since he took over. He has fishing boats with motor rentals, kayaks and paddleboats. Now that the bass season is open, there have been 3 and 4 pounders caught.

If you do not have a boat, this is a good place to rent one and fish and also an ideal place to take the kids fishing.

Speaking of kids fishing, I attended the annual Father’s Day Kids Tournament held on the Lake Lonely shore of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Saratoga. There were 72 kids fishing, and they did not let the rain get in their way.  They stayed out to the end.

One of the things that I really liked was that every kid that attended got a prize. I enjoyed watching those smiley little faces as they came running up to have their fish measured. There were a lot of fish (all caught and released). There were also visits by the Saratoga Police on horseback and two DEC ECO officers.

The 24 anglers who fished the two-day 45th annual Exhibition Bass Tournament on Black Lake did not let heavy winds deter their fishing.

The winner, Frankie Offenburg from North Carolina and originally from Gloversville, used his cell phone GPS to get to Lonesome Bay where he caught his winning 3-pound, 15-ounce largemouth bass.

Frankie received the annual winner’s Green Hat, $180 cash and other prizes. It was his second win in a row.


Usually the top water bite will start to dwindle between 7 and 8 a.m. as the sun gets higher and traffic on the water begins to increase. That is the time to move and tie on sub-surface lures.

There are plenty of these lures to choose. The traditional one used by many of the tournament bass fisherman is the jig-and-pig. This is a quarter-ounce lead head with a full-living rubber skirt, trailed with plastic pork tail (I use Uncle Josh Pork).

Color choices are many. My three favorite colors are black, blue and pumpkinseed. Toss them in anything, let them sink and jig them back in to the boat.

If you are a bass fisherman/woman, the jig-and-pig and the wacky worm works for me and will work for you.


One of my favorite catch and release waters is the upper Hudson River, which I have fished since NYS reopen catch and release.

With me on that day was WTEN Channel 10 meteorologist Steve Caparizzo. On that day, we caught both large and smallmouth bass everywhere we went.

From that day on, I would fish this it at least 30 times each year since. However, when the dredging began in 2009, I was unable to fish in certain areas, but the fishing was still good.

But as the dredging continued, I began to notice the “catch” bite was less and, in my opinion, has never been the same. Those 20, 30 and even on one day I caught and released 52 bass.

Bass fishing for me and many others anglers I have talked with said the same thing. It is my opinion that dredging played a lot in it.

This past Monday, I took out two good friends, Gerry and Ann Edwards, who before moving to Buffalo fished the Hudson with me and caught plenty of bass.

We left the dock at 6:30 a.m. and headed south fishing all types of cover on both sides of the river until 9 a.m. No bite, no  fish.

Next, we went north through Lock 5 and at 3 p.m., we returned to the launch. No bite, no fish.

We were disappointed, but otherwise it was a beautiful day fishing with good friends.

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