Clifton Park

Clifton Park OKs purchases for town hall repairs

$34K approved to address needed roofing, siding, brickwork

The Clifton Park Town Board, during a Monday night meeting, approved resolutions that will allow the town to spend further money on renovations to the town hall building.

The board passed two resolutions regarding the repairs. The first one dealt with adjusting the sum of money that had been allocated initially to repair siding and a portion of roof on the building, and another resolution dealt with repair of some exterior brickwork.

Specifically, during a previous meeting, the town board passed a resolution contracting with Schenectady-based firm Bishop Beaudry Construction to work on repairs to the town hall building’s roof and exterior siding.

During the work, the resolution said, the company encountered issues on the northwest side of the building, below the town attorney’s office, as well as the upper roof section on the eastern and western sides of the building. Ultimately, the board approved an expenditure of $13,550 to deal with the unforeseen costs on those areas of the building.

In a second resolution, the board awarded another contract to Bishop Beaudry to do brickwork repair on the building. The board approved an allocation of $20,800 for that portion of the work.

The town has, over the past year, continued to make investments into areas of town hall that have been in need of upgrades, often trying to be proactive in selecting repairs to make, as oppose to reacting when the damage has already been done.

In January, after a routine checkup on the building’s 20-year-old phone system showed that extensive upgrades were needed before the building suffered a collapse of the service, the town spent a weekend updating its entire operating system.

“It just starts to break down. We caught it early on, before there was a failure,” a town spokesman said at the time of the phone replacement.

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