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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 7

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Want rights? Enter the country legally

For the life of me, I have a hard time understanding the support for immigrants in the U.S. illegally. I repeat illegally. Full disclosure, my maternal relatives were here for the Revolution and my paternal grandparents came here in 1897 from Italy. They did it all legally and went through Ellis Island.
One thing that frosts me is calling those scoundrels/goniffs/criminals immigrants. You heard me, criminals, not immigrants.  
No way. They are here illegally and should not have the same rights as honest citizens. This misuse of words is done regularly by the publicity wing of the Democrat National Committee; most people call them the news media. Those talking heads like to say how fair and balanced they are. Mr. Trump does not pussy-foot around. He calls them what they are: “fake news.” 
Ditto for the sanctuary cities nonsense. Who gives those people the right to waste taxpayers’ money harboring criminals? Heck, you see demonstrations, and the criminals and their supporters are waving their home countries’ flags. Most of those people really do not want citizenship, just the rights of citizenship.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo — you know, the downstate wise guy that preaches at us like an old-time tent revival preacher as if we were fourth-graders — says people are leaving New York due to weather. No Andy, it’s all the progressive, liberal communism you people vote in. This driver license thing means more people leaving this people’s republic for a free state.
David G. DeMarco

Not voting comes with consequences

In order for democracy to be effective, it must be used.
On June 26, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy celebrated a victory in the Democratic primary. Celebrate he should, because without a Republican opponent, this primary victory seals his fate for another term as Schenectady’s mayor. 
The city of Schenectady has somewhere near 66,000 residents, yet fewer than 2,000 saw their way clear to cast a vote in this important election. Why were the vast majority of citizens unwilling to participate in this Democratic process? 
While the percentage of votes won by the incumbent looked significant, the vote count revealed that a victory was secured by a mere 65 votes. So the mayor was the deliberate choice of 858 citizens. The rest were willing to take potluck.
This is reminiscent of the 2018 election cycle, in which a representative won the primary in a Democrat-controlled district with a total of 15,897 votes, beating the incumbent by slightly more than 6,000 votes. This happened in a district in which nearly 215,000 were registered as Democrats. In this case, the winner has become the voice of the Democratic Party, as if a majority of Americans across the country sent her to Washington to represent them.
Many people in the world do not have the privilege of casting a ballot. Shouldn’t we take our democracy a little more seriously?
Dennis Ulery
Ballston Spa

Brown wasn’t worthy of graduation honor

Congratulations to these Mechanicville graduates and all those who made this day a reality for them.
The school’s final day with these students should have been reflective of the years of dedication by faculty and students. Sadly, it would seem respect for dedicated educators and the student body were neglected here.
Commencement speakers are typically chosen to represent role models, inspirational figures. Chad Brown’s past history of labor violations were corrected under legal direction, not an atonement to underpaid individuals.
These fresh young eyes see horse racing as the blood sport that it is and will counteract those of us who blindly find it acceptable simply because it has been around for so long. A personal salute to students Hailey Bub, Jordan Blair and Issac Green for the courage to stand up for their morality. Mr. Brown has won a “prestigious” award for his training accomplishments. This individual’s accomplishments include being the trainer for 16 horses that have died at the track since 2009. 
With this “track” record of cruelty to man and beast, parents and faculty have to wonder at a choice that necessitated the barring of the press, further marring the day meant for celebration for students and their families.
Margaret M. Nixon

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