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Clifton Park Planning Board approves medical office for Route 146


Members of the town Planning Board approved plans for a medical building project on Route 146 on July 9.

Plans call for a 6,000-square-foot building to be built on a 1.52-acre parcel of land. The current zoning for the area is hamlet/mixed use, according to plans submitted to the town. The project is being proposed by William Ayaegbunam, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Clifton Park. 

The proposed office is located on the east side of Route 146, near Balltown Road. Ayaegbunam, who currently has his practice in an Emma Lane building, is coming up on the end of a lease, which resulted in the plans for the new building.

The lot is located approximately 850 feet south of the intersection of Route 146, Glenridge Road and Blue Barns Road. The project area is currently wooded. 

Malta-based firm Lansing Engineering worked with Ayaegbunam on the project. Ayaegbunam’s practice will be the only business in the building.

The project has been in front of the planning board a handful of times. Initially, the proposal included 40 parking spaces on the site in front of the building. Sidewalks would be installed around the building, providing pedestrian access from Route 146, and a connection to a future pedestrian trail on Route 146.

During the first meetings, planning board members expressed concern with the wide swath of parking only in the front of the building, and requested that the applicant reexamine the space to come up with a concept that didn’t have all of the parking in the front.

However, Scott Lansing, of Lansing Engineering, said at the time that a shift in design could be difficult due to site constraints, including a septic system planned for one side of the parcel.

Ultimately, slight parking changes were made that saw a shift of a few parking spaces down to one of the sides of the building, with the majority still positioned in front.

On Monday, Clifton Park Planning Director John Scavo said that he was satisfied with the approved design of the office, noting that, as the office could largely be dealing with women who are pregnant, a direct space for parking as close to the entrance as possible would be beneficial.

Aside from some minor adjustments to the building itself, the plan was approved largely as it had been pitched to the town, Scavo said.

“The applicant really dug his heels in, and it worked out,” Scavo said.

The Ayaegbunam office is not the only medical office that has recently come to the board. In June, the board approved a medical office from Paulsen Development, which features a two story, 40,000-square-foot building that will be constructed on a 4.48 acre parcel with 220 parking spaces at 1785 Route 9. That new medical facility will be built adjacent to the existing Community Care Physicians site. 

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