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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, July 20

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Cuomo a hypocrite on equal pay issue

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, “There’s no rationale for why women should not get paid what men get paid.” At the recent parade honoring the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, he said it’s immoral and unethical to not have equal pay for equal work. Cuomo even scolded soccer’s governing bodies (FIFA and the U.S. Soccer League) for unequal pay and said, “You have no business in the state of New York.”
According to 2018 data on the Empire Center’s website, of the top 50 state employee salaries, 42 were earned by men and only eight by women. That seems unequal.
When you look at some specific salaries, it gets more interesting. The men’s head basketball coach at the University of Buffalo made $664,396 compared to the women’s head coach at $240,000. 
At SUNY Stony Brook, it was $396,215 for the men’s hoops head coach and $177,102 for the women’s coach. SUNY Albany’s men’s head basketball coach checks in at $385,124 while the women’s coach is making $229,500. There seems to be quite an equal pay for equal work problem right in the governor’s state payroll.
Who knows how many more examples there are. But these comparisons would suggest the governor is an unethical, immoral hypocrite. One thing’s for sure, by his own words, Gov. Cuomo “has no business in the state of New York.”
Tim Horan

Ag revolution has a lesson for today

In the book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari, there is a chapter, The Anthropocene, in which he discusses the impact of the agricultural revolution on religion. He argues that this revolution resulted in a change from an animistic to a theocratic view of man’s relationship to nature. 
Animists saw themselves as equal partners in the universal drama, not only with other animals and plants, but with geographic features such as rivers and mountains.
Thus, they did not seek dominion over, but community with, nature. Theocratic religions led to the belief that humans are the pinnacle of creation, with the rest of nature a mere support system for man.
One excerpt from this chapter is food for thought as it so accurately reflects what is happening in America today.
I have added the parenthetical examples: “And when ethnic groups or religious communities clashed, they frequently dehumanized each other. Depicting the ‘others’ as subhuman beasts was a first step towards treating them as such.
“The farm thus became the prototype of new societies, complete with puffed-up masters (Trump), races fit for exploitation (brown and black people, immigrants), wild beasts ripe for extermination (any species in the way of human development and expansion) and a great God above that gives His blessing to the entire arrangement (evangelical Christianity).”
Anthony J. Santo

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