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Letters to the Editor for Monday, July 22

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Cuomo must shut down Dunn dump

In addition to looking into the St. Clare’s pension disaster, Gov. Andrew Cuomo should “look into” the public health crises in Rensselaer caused by continued dumping at the Dunn construction and debris (C&D) landfill.
Rensselaer residents experience considerable tractor-trailer truck traffic in the downtown each weekday, with noise, dirt, dust, diesel exhaust, vibrations, and congestion. Stand along Broadway near the Amtrak station bridge ramp at 6:40 a.m. to experience it yourself.
Equally bad are the frequent dump odors (now more than 150 complaints made on many residents notice and report.
Odors are often persistent, intense, inescapable and unhealthy.  
Dust and dirt blow off the dump and probably contain a huge volume and variety of poisons because no one knows what all is being dumped. Microscopic particulates can be inhaled and trapped deep in the lungs. Dangerous toxins may be airborne, even when odors are not detectable.  
The 99-acre dump towers over Rensselaer and borders the city’s public-school buildings and ball fields. Dump owners desire to keep it open for many more years, as evidenced by a 10-year renewable memorandum signed last December between the Rensselaer school district and dump owners.  
Many Rensselaer and East Greenbush residents are demanding the immediate closure of the dump. Gov. Cuomo should protect the public health and shut the dump.  
Tom Ellis

Lawmakers failed on important issues

When I think of everything that our state Legislature failed to accomplish during this session, it turned my stomach to see so many of our local legislators congratulating themselves at the grand opening of the sports betting addition to Rivers Casino.
They were able to pass the gambling initiative and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. They even passed the “Lemonade Law” to allow children to operate lemonade stands near the track.
Unfortunately they couldn’t address the safety regulations on limo services or help the pensioners from St. Clare’s Hospital in their quest to receive the money that was promised to them for their retirements. They also never even addressed the problem of ethics reform that has plagued the state for decades.
I would love to see the legislators who were at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Rivers Casino explain themselves to the families of the victims of the Schoharie limo crash and the people who worked their careers at St. Clare’s.
Tell them how allowing people to bet on football, baseball and basketball is more important than their legitimate concerns.
I realize that both our idiot governor and dysfunctional legislative body have viewed gambling as a cure-all for all the state’s problems for years. But this time, they have really gone too far. If they’re not going to address the real problems in our state, at least have the class to not rub our noses in it by congratulating themselves in public. Shame on all of them.
John Angilletta

Where’s Stefanik’s outrage at Cuomo?

So Rep. Elise Stefanik finds President Trump’s comments on the four Democratic congresswomen “inappropriate, denigrating, and wrong.”
I wonder where Rep. Stefanik and dozens of other state representatives and senators were two years ago when Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that anyone who did not believe in unrestricted abortion and gay marriage “does not belong in New York state.” Or when, to celebrate the signing of the “Reproductive Health” law, Cuomo ordered the Freedom Tower to be lighted in pink.
Millions of tax-paying New Yorkers were offended and repelled by Cuomo’s hateful comments and actions, but Rep. Stefanik and her compatriots among the Democrats, along with the usually outraged media, took a pass on criticizing him.
But I guess anyone who sees hypocrisy here is one of those “deplorables.”  Just ask any commentator on CNN.
Michael Nardacci

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