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Letters to the Editor for Friday, August 2

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Cat-clawing bill was not well thought out

 I have had many cats over the years and all but one have been declawed. Only one took to the scratch post, so I left his claws alone.
When I had my cats declawed, I paid to have them stay a few extra nights at the vets to be monitored and given any pain meds.
They came home and felt fine. 
They still run around, jump and play. They jump off the windowsills.
If the declawing procedure was so horrible, don’t you think they’d cry when they hit the floor? Not once have I seen them limping or crying.
Of course, I took them to a reputable veterinarian, not some student learning at a vet school. 
Linda Rosenthal, the Manhattan Democrat who sponsored the bill outlawing declawing should have spent more time fighting the new abortion law that our governor signed.
He’s absolutely horrified to hear of declawing, but can sleep at night after signing the abortion bill. Oh, and what about docking a dog’s tail and ears? Now that’s pretty barbaric.
This procedure is done for looks, not because the animal is ruining furniture. How about banning that procedure? The bottom line is that more cats will be brought back to the shelters and euthanized or not adopted at all. Or even worse, they’ll be dumped along a back road left to fend for themselves. 
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Make debates more accessible to voters

Millions of Americans who are eligible to vote don’t vote.  
Millions of Americans who are eligible to vote don’t have access to cable-TV. 
Yet the July 30 and 31 Democratic primary debates among nearly two dozen men and women vying to be the party’s standard-bearer in the 2020 presidential election were aired solely by CNN, a cable-TV outlet. 
That’s hardly a way to strengthen the sinews of our American electoral democracy. 
Score one for Donald Trump and his Republican minions.
Alvin Magid

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