Proctors still warns of ticket resellers for ‘Hamilton’

'Hamilton' is currently playing at Proctors, pictured.
'Hamilton' is currently playing at Proctors, pictured.

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Editor’s Note: A previous version stated that Proctors is mailing “souvenir tickets” to all who purchased seats in an effort to alleviate fraudulent resales. The souvenir tickets were only sent to subscribers when they received their subscription packages months ago. 

SCHENECTADY — Michael Eck knows it’s easy to get fooled, especially when it comes to securing “Hamilton” tickets. 

Eck, the senior communications and public relations leader at Proctors, is urging hopeful attendees of the venue’s upcoming “Hamilton” performances, which begin Aug. 13 and end Aug. 25, to think twice before buying tickets to the popular show via resale. While tickets are still available for select shows, Eck says Proctors’ efforts to prevent fans from being scammed, like sending ticket purchasers “souvenir tickets,” have been very helpful. 

“There’s such a good chance that you’re going to get scammed [buying resale],” Eck said. “It’s one word: ‘Hamilton.’ It’s the biggest thing there is right now.”

Tickets are still available to 11 shows as of Thursday afternoon and Proctors plans on releasing a few more seats closer to certain show days during the 16-show run. If locals want to see “Hamilton” and use an unreliable resale site to snag some seats, there’s not much Proctors can do to help them, Eck says. Some sites sell bogus tickets.

Colonie resident Taylor Fuld was surprised in June when her mom came home with “Hamilton” tickets after thinking she went to work all day. While she banked on her mom having a puppy waiting for her at home after she heard the word “surprise,” she was still excited to be able to have a secure spot at the show, especially knowing her mom snagged some online during the ticket lottery day and that the tickets were reliable. 

Fuld and her mom got their souvenir tickets in the mail earlier this week, and she says Proctors staff told them to be careful with their purchase and not share the barcodes on social media to prevent their tickets from being stolen. Fuld is happy with the venue’s efforts to keep her tickets safe.

“You wouldn’t want to be able to finally get the chance to see it and then come to the theater before the show and not be able to get in because someone stole your ticket,” Fuld said.

The first showing of “Hamilton” kicks off on Aug. 13 at 7:30 p.m. This show is sold out on the theater’s site, but tickets are available to select performances on and after Aug. 17.


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