Leak-detection device wins $750K federal grant

The FirstDrops device by Mobius.
The FirstDrops device by Mobius.

ALBANY — A local startup company has won a $750,000 National Science Foundation grant to continue development of its water leak detection equipment.

Mobius Labs, an internet-of-things developer, will use the money for phase II development of its FirstDrops water-leak detection product. 

FirstDrops currently is designed to detect small leaks in high-occupancy buildings before they grow into wasteful and expensive large leaks.  

The longer the device is used, the more its software learns about the fixtures it is monitoring, allowing it to predict leaks before they happen. It is currently being demonstrated in apartment complexes, commercial buildings and hotels across the Capital Region.

The company hopes to begin commercial sales of the FirstDrops as early as the end of this year. Initially it will be assembled and tested in Troy.

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