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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Aug. 14

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Too much hypocrisy over causes of death

There were nearly 40,000 gun-related deaths in 2016. But according to the CDC, almost 23,000 of those deaths were suicide.
I’d like to know where is the outrage on the left at the over 88,000 deaths a year, according to a 2014 LA Times article, due to alcohol?
Where is the outrage at the nearly 630,000 deaths in 2016, according to the CDC, from abortions? Where is the outrage at the 115,000 females that will never grow up, never grow to discover cures to diseases? Where is the outrage at the 130,000 black children aborted?
If we are willing to usurp the Constitution to confiscate guns, shouldn’t we be twice as willing to stop alcohol sales or more than 20 times as willing to stop abortion?
It all gives lie to the women’s rights or to black lives matter movements. We allow these unborn, and in some states born children, to be killed on a whim, without trial, and that makes a farce of arguing that we shouldn’t allow death row criminals to serve out their sentence for their actions.
Francis Van Staveren

Media coverage spurs more violence

I am a retired 8l-year-old physician who majored in (mixed) psychology and sociology at one of the major and much-respected colleges. In medical school, I had considerable psychology training, but ultimately did not become a psychologist.
Many years ago, I wrote a Letter to the Editor on the role of the media in increasing  domestic gun violence, and how it might contribute to a worsening of the problem. Little note was taken of my suggestion at that time.
Recent increases in domestic gun violence are now obvious, even in the past year and the last month. I certainly am for gun control in terms of stopping the sale of attack weapons to the general public, as well as countrywide federal background checks for all gun purchases. I strongly believe that the majority of this violence is connected to mental illness.
For this reason, I again make a strong plea for sensible diminution of huge media attention to these violent occurrences. They have an unwanted appeal to the mentally ill, especially the schizophrenic group, which is larger than appreciated and more easily apt to be violent.
These individuals are extremely vulnerable to suggestion and are rarely cared for in controlled and or secure situations, as of the past 30 years.
Increased media attention, as seen this past weekend, especially on TV, is, I believe, responsible for the rapid increase in this terrible problem.
Lyle W. Barlyn, M.D.

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