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Lake George Park Commission to review parasailing

June accident seriously injured man
People parasail on Lake George on June 9.
People parasail on Lake George on June 9.

LAKE GEORGE — Following a parasailing accident earlier this summer, the Lake George Park Commission is taking public input on whether rules need to change.

The commission plans to take public comment on potential rules when it meets at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the Lake George Town Hall.

There has been parasailing on the lake since before the park commission was created in 1988, and the commission has regulated the industry since then. Operators are required to have a park commission permit. There are currently two active parasail operations on the lake, each with the authority to fly up to three parasails at the same time. The activity mostly occurs in the waters just off Lake George village.

In June, a  23-year-old Orange County man who was badly injured in a parasailing accident. The accident was investigated by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, but no charges were filed, with bad weather and operator inexperience cited as possible causes.

While it is not the first parasailing accident in the lake, it is among the most serious the lake has seen.

“The commission has determined that a review of these operations is in the best interest of Lake George and its many users,” the commission said in a press release. “As part of this process, the commission is seeking the input from both the industry and the general public regarding these operations.”

The park commission discussed the accident during a closed-door law enforcement report at its July meeting.

“I think the commission feels that we’ve been extremely fortunate in the Lake George Basin that we haven’t had a fatality,” commission Chairman Bruce E. Young said during that month’s regular meeting. “There have been some pretty sad people dumped in trees, dumped in the water, near drownings.”

Commissioner Kenneth Parker was named chairman of a committee to look at whether any changes in regulations are needed.

The committee will look at whether Lake George’s unique geography and the level of various activities in the southern basin mean new rules are needed, Young said.

In addition to speaking at the public hearing, the public may email comments to [email protected]



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