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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Aug. 28

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Trump’s policies are proof he’s a racist

In Gerard Havasy’s Aug. 16 letter (“Not everyone who disagrees is a racist”), he asked, “Do you really think the president is a racist with mixed family members from other cultures?” Sadly, the answer is yes. And yes, a married man who loves his wife can be a sexist. Racism is not an either-or proposition. As historian and race scholar Ibram Kendi reminds us. “Racist ideas are ideas. Anyone can produce them or consume them. Anyone can believe both racist ideas and anti-racist ideas, that certain things are wrong with Black people and other things are equal.” 
In American history, racist ideas have been used to uphold racially discriminatory policies. 
And those policies have been, and are being, pursued not from ignorance or hate, not because someone or some group hates black or brown people, but because the policies serve someone’s self-interest — plantation owners seeking higher profits, preachers, scholars and journalists seeking to advance their careers or cultures and politicians seeking to gain and keep office and power. 
In a cynical pursuit of his self-interest, for public office and power, Donald Trump has offered racially discriminatory policies and traded in old racist ideas, some newly dressed. I say with no hesitation that our president’s rhetoric and policies are deeply, offensively and dangerously racist. Yes, he is a racist.
Thomas Comparin

Hope Arctic Refuge can be protected

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a unique and special place, home to the greatest variety of plants and animals in the entire circumpolar north.
Right now, however, it’s under threat from destructive oil exploration and drilling. 
Across the flyways, millions of migratory birds from all 50 states nest in the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge. Our own communities are interconnected with the refuge, as birds like the tundra swan, black poll warbler, tree sparrow, semipalmated sandpiper and peregrine falcon spend part of the year in our home state and other parts of the year in the refuge.
I’m deeply grateful that U.S. Reps. Paul Tonko, Anthony Brindisi, Max Rose and Nydia Velazquez recently supported restoring protections to the refuge from oil exploration and drilling. I’m hopeful that Congress will continue to act to protect this essential landscape for the wildlife that depends on it.
Erin McGrath

Free TV stations should be easy to get

I would like to let my opinion be known concerning the so-called free channels in support of Robert Dufek’s Aug. 17 letter (“Where are the free television channels?”).
Cable TV is one of my biggest pet peeves. It irritates me to have to pay to enjoy watching television.
You should not have to rescan in order to receive local stations or have to purchase a special antenna. Please someone, rectify this situation.
Valerie Santo

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