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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sep. 8

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Assault weapons are not what many think

Regarding Virginia Newton’s Sept. 5 letter, “Assault weapons not for sport or defense.”
With all due respect to the letter writer, she just doesn’t understand what she is saying. There are no assault weapons out there. That is the definition that the media gives to rifles that are black in color.
Unfortunately, the uninformed follow like sheep and repeat what the liberal news media says. Once again, assault weapons are not used for sport or hunting or home defense. Assault weapons are for war and are used to kill as many and as fast as possible. Those are the weapons that we used in the Vietnam War and not the ones the letter writer thinks she speaks of.
Also speaking about the NRA, myself and 5 million more members do not have assault weapons the liberal media speaks about. Please inform yourselves before the untrue lies about gun ownership spread faster than they are now.
Rick Splawnik

Pro-life Democrats need to speak up

I would support pro-life Democrats. The problem is, they’re an endangered species. The abortion expansion law passed the New York Senate with only two Democrats voting against. It passed the state  Assembly with only seven Democrats voting against. All the Democrat senators and assemblymen in our districts, including phony Angelo Santabarbara, voted in favor of abortion expansion and denying care to abortion survivors.
I sympathize with pro-life Democrats who with a heavy heart continue to pull the lever for their party. They vote out of habit and identity. It’s to these voters that I plea to please accept reality
 The Democratic Party will never change its stance on abortion. They believe it’s a fundamental right at any stage of development, including after the child is born. The Democrats keep moving the goal post on abortion to include older and older babies.
There once was a time when voters could discuss pro-life views with Democratic lawmakers, but that time has long since passed. The Democratic Party bullies pro-life voters, telling them to get out of the party and get out of New York.
Pro-life Democrats need to get over their identity crisis and stop being complicit in the murder of pre-born and just-born babies. Next fall, voters have a real choice: vote for the party of life or the party of death.
Jennifer Richards
Burnt Hills

Teamwork leads to improvements in city

Sara Foss recently highlighted the positive impact that demolition of 16 Jefferson St. will have on the Front Street neighborhood.
On behalf of the Capital Region Land Bank, I would like to thank Mayor Gary McCarthy and his staff for the work they do leading up to a Land Bank demolition project.
The day an excavator demolishes an eyesore property follows months of work by the Land Bank staff working closely with the team at City Hall. The Law and Building departments work together to identify abandoned properties and obtain site control. The Water Department terminates connections. The Department of Development creates strategies for new uses for properties once they are demolished. The City Council provides the OK to transfer title to the property to the Land Bank so that demolition can occur.
The partnership between the Land Bank, the county, the city of Schenectady and our community lending, renovation and foundation partners is essential in our efforts to fight blight and encourage new development in our neighborhoods.
Behind every demolition is a much larger team working to improve our community every day. The adage, “working together works,” has never been truer.
Richard Ruzzo
The writer is chairman of the Capital Region Land Bank and a member of the Schenectady County Legislature.

Show more concern for global warming

In this time of uncertainty about literally everything, there seems to be little in this world that doesn’t have a contradiction to it.
But one thing that is certain is that our time on Earth won’t last much longer unless serious changes are made.
But all the times are different/ Some scientists say that we have about 50 years to reduce carbon emissions; others say we’ve already gone over the edge. Action isn’t “not using straws” or “saving the turtles” because the main danger facing humanity is global carbon emissions, which have now exceeded 416 ppm.
For comparison, global carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was on average 280 ppm in the 10,000 years leading up to the 19th century.
Humanity isn’t concerned enough about global warming, and that is a serious issue.
Kristian Powell
Averill Park

Remind kids to look both ways on street

With the start of the new school year, there has been much publicized awareness regarding people breaking the law by driving past stopped school buses.  
I have yet to hear one specific aspect of school bus safety get mentioned on the news. No one seems to be reiterating the simple importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. Perhaps some people may think this goes without saying, but it can’t be said enough.
I’m amazed when watching videos, or real-life experiences of kids getting on or off school buses. Many just dart out onto the street without looking to see if there is oncoming traffic. Parents, teachers, care givers and bus drivers should continually tell children to be aware of traffic before crossing the street. Look both ways, whether retrieving a ball or, yes, getting on or off a school bus.  
There is too much credence given to the idea that school buses will give children a safe right-of-way when crossing the street.
The school buses’ stop signs and flashing lights do not stop oncoming traffic; only the braking of the individual driving the passing vehicle does. Common sense precaution should take precedence over assumption when doing something as simple as crossing a street. Look both ways before crossing.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills

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