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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Sep. 11

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Thankfully, fools like Trump are rare

President Trump abruptly canceled a secret meeting to open peace talks with the Taliban, upending months of negotiations in a tweet. He owes an accounting to all the service members who have borne the brunt of 18 years of folly.
He thinks it a clever negotiating tactic to bring all the parties to the table, bang his fist, shout “F you,” then storm out. That’s how to get a better deal.
We don’t want a deal. We want an ending. We owe that to all our men and women in uniform, to our allies and to the Afghan people whose weddings and funerals are turned into killing fields as the war drags on.
We shouldn’t be surprised.
This is a guy who dodged the draft on a fake disability and spent the Vietnam years chasing skirts and shaking his behind in Studio 54. He doesn’t respect servicemen who “got captured.”
He mocks the immigrant parents of a Muslim soldier killed in this war. He is cutting tens of millions in funding that benefits military dependents to pursue his phony war at the Mexican border. He gives self-aggrandizing press interviews among the headstones of the fallen in Normandy. He’s using our military to bail out his failing golf resorts. He has zero empathy for the men and women who serve.
Maybe there’s a sucker born every minute, as he believes, and we are all suckers. But it’s a damned good thing a colossally feckless fool like this comes along but rarely.
Terry O’Neill

No need for Cuomo plate money grab

There’s no doubt that some New York license plates are worn to the point where they are unreadable.
But the majority of the plates that I have seen are perfectly good. Why punish those of us who have plates over 10 years old, that are still good, by making us buy new plates? Hasn’t anyone thought of having the condition of the plates part of the annual motor vehicle inspection? If they don’t pass inspection, you have 10 days to get new ones.
Oh, I get it, New York wouldn’t reap the high profit gained by having everybody with 10-year-old plates getting new ones at the inflated price that Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to charge. This is Gov. Cuomo at his money-grabbing best.
Jim Severino

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