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SingleCut Beersmiths opens taproom in Clifton Park

Operators have big plans for operation
Eric Werner, a brewer with SingleCut Beersmiths, points at fermentation vessels in 2018.
Eric Werner, a brewer with SingleCut Beersmiths, points at fermentation vessels in 2018.

CLIFTON PARK — The anticipated taproom at Clifton Park’s SingleCut Beersmiths is officially open for business.

The New York City-based brewery that purchased the Shmaltz Brewery off Van Patten Drive last year, which has taken off as a full-fledged brewery, held a soft opening for the taproom a few weeks ago, and is now operating at full hours.

SingleCut is a growing craft brewery that was founded in 2012 in northern Queens. With the purchase of the Clifton Park facility from Shmaltz, it was able to increase its output in a way that was not possible at the smaller New York City location.

Officially called the Side Stage Taproom, due to the room’s positioning on the side of the building, the space measures approximately 1,500 square feet and it can seat 70 people. The open floor plan includes an extensive vinyl collection, a state-of-the-art sound system, and up to 20 beer options between draft and cans.

As equal lovers of beer and music, the team behind SingleCut placed an emphasis on providing equal respect and space for the two things in the new taproom, said General Manager Dan Bronson.

“We’re huge music nerds. It’s our inspiration and drive in everything we do,” he said. “We definitely wanted to make a temple to music.”

SingleCut will be bringing in food trucks occasionally, Bronson said, and is also working on a partnership with a local restaurant to deliver food specifically to customers at SingleCut. 

There will be menus placed on each table in the taproom, he explained, and customers will be able to order food to their tables using their mobile devices. That program will launch in about two weeks, he said.

Down the road, possibly in a few years, Bronson said, the company will be able to further develop its front tasting room and use the new tap room as a more intimate space to host live music and other events.

But the work completed on the new taproom was extensive. Taking some inspiration from the original taproom in Queens, but integrating characteristics of upstate New York as well, the amenities include hardwood and mahogany paneling, tables built out of giant butcher blocks that the SingleCut team crafted themselves, and a mix of industrial but polished and modern decorations.

But one of the most important aspects to the new space, Bronson said, was the fact that there is enough room to utilize the taproom for events as the company sees fit. Due to space restrictions, that wasn’t always a possibility previously. Now, Bronson said, the possibilities are essentially endless.

“There’s just a lot of flexibility,” he said. “It’s a real treat for us New York City kids.”

The new taproom also includes aspects, including some vintage decorations that there simply wasn’t room for in the New York City location, Bronson said. The company brought all of those items to furnish the Clifton Park location, which has given it its own feel outside of the original location. 

SingleCut is planning an Octoberfest weekend on Oct. 12, and next month also will release beers that were previously only available at the flagship location in the city. Bronson said the plan is to keep bringing in new beers and brewing techniques that will allow the Clifton Park location to stand on its own.

“We wanted to make sure that were some unique touches,” he said. “It’s definitely got its own vibe and its own feel.”


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