Employee spotlight: Edward Gejay, Circulation Department District Manager

For the past 39 years, he has worked to keep both The Gazette’s customers and carriers happy
Edward Gejay
Edward Gejay

For the past 39 years, Edward Gejay’s job has been to keep both The Gazette’s customers and carriers happy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

As one of four district managers in the circulation department, Gejay is a key member of a team that’s not only responsible for establishing strong, consistent, respectful connections with both business and residential customers, but also overseeing the many carriers tasked with delivering The Gazette to workplaces and homes every day. He and his colleagues have two goals: to increase circulation and to provide a positive delivery experience for all Gazette subscribers.  

One of the things Gejay has appreciated most about his position is its early yet flexible schedule. “The circulation department’s early morning hours have always appealed to me,” he said. “When my sons were younger and of school-age, the adjustable hours gave me the opportunity to be home for them and, as they became more active in school activities, I was able to attend them more readily.”  

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Gejay has also seen major changes in the carriers he’s managed. In the early years of his career, most of the carriers were children with walking routes. Now, those carriers are older and are delivering to much larger areas. He explains that “as circulation grew and districts were consolidated, fewer ‘walking routes’ were needed and driving positions were phased into the company.’ 

He fondly remembers the supervised carrier trips The Gazette offered to its young workers, events designed to help them get to know one another and spend time together. In the ’80s and ’90s, Gejay says, The Gazette took its carriers to places including Washington, D.C., a dude ranch in Lake George and even to New York Yankees baseball games.

“These experiences were a bonus to the kids, and they remained faithful to their positions as they looked forward to them,” he said. 

Along with the opportunities for kids, Gejay also recalls when The Gazette sponsored softball and basketball teams for its employees.

“The teams would typically play against Times Union and Post Office employees,” he said. One game, however, is particularly memorable for Gejay: “On one special occasion, our basketball team played against the New York Giants.”

As he looks back on his nearly four decades of employment at The Gazette, he has positive things to say about the company and his co-workers. “The Gazette has been a good company to work for over the years. I’ve made lasting friendships with co-workers, and even with carriers that I oversee who have remained a part of my districts for years.”  

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