Employee spotlight: Stephen Williams, Reporter

He has written about nearly every community in The Gazette’s circulation area over past 40 years
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams

I’m a reporter covering a wide range of topics and breaking news in Schenectady County, Saratoga County, the state Capitol and on a really good day, the Adirondacks. I always to try have a story planned for each day, but nearly every day I have to write about something unexpected, too.

I have been with The Gazette for — gulp — 40 years.

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I have stayed here because The Gazette gave me a great amount of responsibility and freedom in how to fulfill those responsibilities at an age when future doctors and lawyers are still running up student debt. There was a time when I wanted to go to a bigger paper, but I fell in love with a local girl and the Adirondacks. I think it was in that order, but it’s hard to remember.

I’ve written at some point about nearly every community in The Gazette’s circulation area. I’ve covered big projects in small towns, small projects in big towns, written as people fretted about flooding and drought, rubbed shoulders with governors, senators and criminals — and learned from them all. It’s a cliche to say that every day is different, and we’re told to avoid cliches — so let’s just say that no two days in the past 40 years have been the same!

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