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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 26

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Vandals don’t know meaning of swastika

In reaction to the Sept. 23 article about two young people arrested for publicly spraying swastikas, do these young people understand the meaning of the swastika symbol?

Do they understand the history of that World War II time period? I am not sure they realize the magnitude of their actions.

Personally, I lived through WWII with family involved in the Army, nurses who went into the death camps at the end of the war to help survivors and have many family and friends who are Jewish.

Apparently, the meaning and symbolism of the swastika has changed since then.

Did I miss something?

Do these young people even understand the powerful historical significance of this symbol?

Maybe their time would be better spent in school studying history.
Mary Jean Millman Cleland
Caroga Lake


Round Lake came alive with artistry

Bravo to the Malta League of Arts for the fantastic art event held in Round Lake on Sept. 14 and 15.

The entire historic village came alive with a variety of art workshops, photo exhibits and art opportunities for participants of all ages and all levels of talent.

The young, the old and everyone in between had an equal chance to be artistic.

The local residents observed and enjoyed watching the groups of artists paint, draw, photograph or design a monotype print of the area homes. Many of these homeowners were thrilled to purchase the finished original works. The entire day was colorful with imagination and creativity, and the end result was enjoyed by everyone who came.

Sponsored by the Malta League of Arts and carried out by energized volunteers, generous sponsors, extremely talents art teachers including Peter Huntoon, Kevin Kuhne, Carolyn Justice and other master artists, this third annual plein air festival in Historic Round Lake was a huge success. It must not be missed next year. For more information check out
Madeline Sicko
Clifton Park

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