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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Sep. 27

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Trump must be removed from office

What on earth are we waiting for? Never, in the history of this country, have we found ourselves in such a dire situation.
Our democracy is on the brink of collapse, and we must act to preserve this nation, which was created with such high ideals.
We have a president who goes against all this country stands for at every turn.
He lies. He hides things. He refuses to provide information. He ignores laws. He tells others to do the same.
The Founding Fathers had in mind standards which the current occupant of the Oval Office seems incapable of meeting.
We need to hold him accountable. Whether impeachment or being denied a second term via election, we must remove this man from office lest we be considered complicit with his shameless behavior.
Martha Meskutovecz

Madigan is the easy choice for finance

Deciding on who to vote for the Saratoga Springs commissioner of finance is easy.
Commissioner Michele Madigan has a 7-year track record of working hard to keep taxes flat and increasing services.
Her challenger has no financial experience and says that the department runs itself, apparently not planning to take much time from her full-time job in Albany to run our complex finances.
I’m voting for the obvious choice, Commissioner Madigan, who will continue guiding our city to future success.
Jim Chatfield
Saratoga Springs

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