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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Sep. 28

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Climate deniers must recognize science

In his Sept. 25 letter, John Gaetani agreed that there was climate change but said he believed that it’s caused by “the sun’s activity and the Earth’s orbit around the sun” rather than human activity.
This is what is known in the science trade as a “testable hypothesis.” That is, do measurements show that the energy from the sun has increased over the last hundred years or so and can this account for the warming?
The answer is that solar or orbital changes can account for no more than a few percent of global warming. This hypothesis has been tested and has been found wanting.
By contrast, the hypothesis that CO2, methane and other human-produced gases are the principal cause of warming has been tested hundreds of times through various calculations, and they have been found to produce the observed warming.
If the deniers have another explanation that has survived testing, then they should put it on the table. And don’t dismiss this as “only a model.” Most of science and all of engineering rest on mathematical models.
But this is not about science.
I once asked a local SUNY scientist and vocal climate change skeptic about what it would take to convince him that human-caused global warming was true. His answer was, “Nothing, really.”
That is not skepticism, it is denial. The time has come for the deniers to step aside. We have work to do.
James E. Pickett

Make better use of my tax money

It’s time to take the letter C out of FMCC. I graduated from Fulton Montgomery Community College in 1976. It was a college for Fulton and Montgomery county students to better their education.
It was for community students.
I read recently that FMCC is making an effort to increase international student enrollment.
 I am a taxpayer in Montgomery county. Why should I have my tax money pay for a person from out of the country? Back some 50 years ago, these colleges were created to provide local people a means to get educated, not for foreigners or even out-of-region people to take advantage of the system. Either take the “C” out or stop paying for it with my tax dollars.
Also, I believe the county tax budget is up to $120 million, up from $90 million, when supposedly it will save money with legislators and a county executive. It’s not working.
So I guess go back to the old system with supervisors and a chairman. It seems like it was cheaper.
Sandy “Rogo” Roginski

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