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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sep. 29

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Trump promoting a devotion to country

Largely ignored in the last few days has been the important remarks of President Trump at the UN about globalism versus nationalism.
By announcing a fabricated crises on impeachment on the same day as this important speech, Nancy Pelosi has effectively deflected attention of the press from the president’s important message to the world about each country putting the interest of their own citizens first — the concept of nationalism.
According to Webster, nationalism is defined as “devotion to one’s nation; patriotism.”
By that definition I am a nationalist because I have a devotion to the United States.
And I believe that my military service illustrates my patriotism.
I fear that most of the Democrats in Congress do not share that belief.
They seem to ascribe to those who love our country first as being misguided hicks who don’t understand that if we were all socialist, everything in the world would be wonderful.
I hope they don’t prevail.
William Malec

Paraprofessionals deserve pay increase

As a former teacher in the Schenectady City School District, I can attest to the vital role paraprofessionals play in the education of Schenectady’s children.
To read of the issues they are having negotiating a pay increase is upsetting.
Paraprofessionals are often the first adults greeting children as they come to school each day.
Paras help kindergarten students open their milk cartons, clean up spills and make sure they wash after using the restrooms.
They work as lunch monitors, hall monitors and supervise recess.
They break up fights and risk getting injured themselves.
Some play a role in the security of their schools.
Paraprofessionals working with special education students have been kicked, bit, and hit by traumatized students.
Paraprofessionals help run classrooms especially if a teacher has to attend a meeting or is absent.
To have Superintendent Larry Spring suggest that instead of a pay raise they should be offered incentives to further their education is ludicrous.
When will these hard working people have time to attend college when many have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet?
Paraprofessionals need to be treated with respect and dignity.
Offering no pay increase does neither.
Debra Carey

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