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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Sep. 30

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Thanks Proctors for SpongeBob show

We enjoyed a wonderful Proctors season opening on Sept. 25, with SpongeBob SquarePants.
It looked like many subscribers opted out of seeing this show, and they missed a really fun evening.
The costumes were excellent, and music and dancing as good as any of the shows. It was like seeing a giant, live cartoon. Perfect evening. We spoke with other adults around us. None of us had ever seen a SpongeBob show, and we all enjoyed it immensely.
Thank you, Proctors, for bringing it to town.
Anita Walther

Unhappy with Pop Warner board acts

I’m the president of Schenectady Belmont Pop Warner.
We are a nonprofit football and cheerleading organization.
The federation board for the whole Pop Warner league has refused to give my organization any help with a full football schedule and is forcing one of my teams to travel to New Jersey (over 2-1/2 hours away) every weekend with no help with transportation or funding. We get notified of a weekend out-of-state game on Thursday nights. How do they expect a non-profit organization to be able to afford to make this travel every weekend?
We are not a travel team, nor did we sign up for a full schedule of away games out of state. This is not what Pop Warner is about.
We’re asking for something to get done about this because the federation has done nothing but avoid taking any responsibility for what’s going on. Parents are outraged over not knowing when and where their children will be playing and also with the distance they are trying to force us to accept. They tell us either take it or don’t play.
Michael Davis

Learn the realities of climate change

Mr. Gaetani’s Sept. 25 letter displays an interesting mix: he agrees that Earth’s climate is changing, but denies that we, as an industrial human society, have anything to do with it.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas, has increased by over 45 percent in the past few hundred years.
About 36 billion tons are added to the atmosphere each year, mostly by burning fossil fuels.
More greenhouse gas can hardly do anything but warm the globe. Mr. Gaetani, though, doesn’t believe it, as though that’s a viable argument against the new IPCC report ( that was written by hundreds of climate scientists and based on the work of many thousands.
He also doesn’t believe that there is anything we can do about it, although Chapter 2 of the report is entirely devoted to just that subject, as are hundreds of other studies. Mr. Gaetani also suggests that reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is “ludicrous.”
Strangely, exactly that is happening anyway, at an increasingly rapid pace.
One can hide in conspiracies and fantasy if one wishes, but learning and reality are more interesting, and safer.
Kurt Hollocher

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