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Mechanicville man finds bag full of cash, turns it in

Grateful owner found

MECHANICVILLE — A Mechanicville man found a bag full of cash lying in the road Thursday night and promptly turned it in to police, the department said on Facebook Friday.

The bag was soon reunited with the person who dropped it, a “much-relieved” proprietor of a local Mechanicville business, police said.

Police posted the account in an effort to praise the man who found the cash, identified as Mechanicville resident James Acerra.

“Warning, the following is a good deed alert and may cause the reader to smile or grin and, in extreme cases, restore their faith in humanity,” the Police Department post began.

The post said Acerra spotted the bag in the road in the area of the Mechanicville United Methodist Church on North Main Street, near Hill Street.

He grabbed the bag, opened it up and discovered the cash, police wrote.

“You’ve probably guessed where the story goes from there,” police continued, “and you’d be correct if you thought he drove directly to the police station and turned the bag over to the PD.”

Police then quickly located the owner and returned the bag, its contents wholly intact, police said.

“With a near-constant news cycle of mostly dark stories and derisive comments, we’d thought you’d appreciate a small example of the good that frequently happens in Mechanicville,” the police post concluded. “Don’t get us wrong; people don’t drop large piles of cash on city streets every day. But if it does happen, it would seem that you’d want a person like James to be the one who finds it.”

Read the Mechanicville Police post on their Facebook page: Mechanicville Police Department

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