Schenectady County finishes $10 million in airport work

Taxiway between Stratton Air National Guard Base and county airport improved
A hangar at the Schenectady County Airport in May 2018
A hangar at the Schenectady County Airport in May 2018

GLENVILLE — Schenectady County recently completed $10 million in improvements at the County Airport in Glenville, including new lighting on the airport’s longest runway and reconstruction and widening of a principle taxiway.

The work included resurfacing and replacing lighting on Runway 4-22, which is 7,000 feet long. The 2,200 taxiway that was reconstructed and widened connects the airport to the Stratton Air National Guard Base, where a fleet of C-130 equipped for polar landings is based. The construction work was done by Callanan Industries.

The airport is used by the National Guard and for general private aviation. “The airport continues to be an important transportation and economic development asset for Schenectady County and we welcome the opportunity reinvest in this facility,” said County Legislature Chairman Anthony Jasenski, D-Rotterdam.

The Federal Aviation Administration paid about $7.4 million of the cost, and the Department of Defense contributed about $1.8 million. New York state and the county each paid about 4 percent, or about $400,000.




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