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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 27

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Grateful to motorist who helped after fall

As I was preparing to cross Route 236 after walking in the beautiful Halfmoon Town Park, I lost my balance and fell. I could not get up.
A young man stopped his car and got me back on my feet. He helped me to his car and drove me back to my apartment about 2 minutes away.
Age and illness are taking some of my independence away, but my heart is stronger today because of this wonderful act of kindness by a stranger. Thank you.
Janet Glynn

Country is in trouble if Trump doesn’t win

In response to Gary Philip Guido’s Oct. 20 letter (“Praying for Trump and his speedy trial”), you and the rest of the Democratic liberals are so off base.
Did you want Hillary in there when she had our men killed. The deal she and Obama made with Iran was bad.
I’m a 100 percent disabled World War II vet and can see what Trump is trying to do. You Democratic liberals should let him do what he said he would do if elected. I’m a good Democrat.
The Democratic Party used to be a good party. They did what was good for the people and the country. Trump doesn’t need the money, he loves this country and is trying to protect us. What have you done for this country?
This country is in trouble if he doesn’t get elected again. Freedom is not free.
Vincent Belardo

Riggi, Perazzo serve all of city’s residents

Members of the Schenectady City Council are ‘members-at-large,’ which means ‘as a whole,’ as opposed to divided into districts.
Candidates are voted in to represent the best interests of all city residents.
Having attended City Council meetings or watched the meetings on channel 1303 over many years, I am extremely impressed with two council members who are running for re-election.
Leesa Perazzo and Vincent Riggi are the ultimate of what a ‘members-at-large’ City Council member strives to be and have shown their love and dedication for the city and its residents.
Both return calls, listen attentively, attempt to resolve the concerns of residents (or instruct them where to go for answers), speak out for those who feel too intimidated to come forward, and ask for more time when deciding important issues (when deemed necessary).
Leesa Perazzo has been to numerous neighborhoods bringing along groups of volunteers to clean up graffiti and garbage on multiple occasions. Both have shown the courage to think outside the box with innovative ideas.
I believe that Mayor Gary McCarthy is pointing the city in a positive direction with new initiatives.      
Flora L. Ramonowski

Ostrelich an honest, pragmatic legislator

I have known Michelle Ostrelich for about 12 years. When I met her, she was involved in many community organizations.
Since I met her, she has played several important roles in the Schenectady community.
She was an outstanding president of the local community center I belong to, a PTO member and president in Niskayuna, and most importantly a good, caring friend.
Michelle has always been kind, compassionate and caring, but she is also pragmatic and honest.
These are qualities that I would look for in a colleague, partner, friend, family member and most certainly elected representative
 I spent a day campaigning with her in her state Senate quest. We traveled hundreds of miles through Hamilton, Herkimer, Saratoga  and Fulton counties in one day.
She knocked on lots of doors and met hundreds of citizens. She listened to their concerns and created a platform to best serve those constituents.
Her pragmatic and ethical approach to life will serve Schenectady County well.
Vote for Michelle Ostrelich for county legislator, Schenectady deserves her.
Christopher Ognibene

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