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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Oct. 31

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Jose Gonzalez shown at his family's burned out residence Aug. 18
Jose Gonzalez shown at his family's burned out residence Aug. 18

Grateful for support after fire claims home

Where do we begin?
As we have been collecting our thoughts these past two months and trying to figure out how to pick up all of the pieces after the fire that destroyed our family’s home, we have been thinking of how to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love, thoughtfulness, support, encouragement and generosity we have received.
We would first like to thank all of the first responders and firefighters who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety and provide guidance and emotional support. Their skills, knowledge, courage and bravery are amazing.
Next, we would like to thank After the Fire and the American Red Cross for their support to get us back on our feet. Those who volunteer their time for these organizations are so gracious and caring.
To all  our family and friends near and far, to our families in the Saratoga Springs school district and Skidmore College, to the many local businesses and organizations, and to the entire Saratoga Springs community and beyond, we thank you. Your kind words and sincere thoughtfulness gave us strength and hope and faith when we were questioning how we were going to get through this. Your love and kindness gave us the encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward. Thank you all so very much for your unbelievable generosity. We feel very thankful and blessed to be a part of such a heartfelt community and to have such an incredible support system. Our sincerest love and gratitude,
The Gonzalez Family
(Jose, Abby, Natalie and Harper)

More on the Gonzalez fire: Wilton fire displaces family, Operation Adopt A Soldier charity, Aug. 18, 2019

Patrick an ideal choice for Sch’dy city council

I’m speaking for candidate Carmel Patrick for Schenectady City Council. Mrs. Patrick is a community activist who supports events, institutions and projects that are designed to do good works in Schenectady.
She has proven her leadership in her monetary ability already at SCCC and miSci as their development officer. With excellent math skills, she is able to understand and work with budgets and has demonstrated fiscal responsibility in her prior roles.
Mrs. Patrick is a very good listener and responds to good and practical ideas, an important trait for good leaders.
In short, Carmel Patrick is a doer.
Doing the right thing is her mantra. She will work cooperatively with courage and conviction with her colleagues to make sound decisions for Schenectady. She works tirelessly and is on the job every day.
I am personally thrilled to have a person of her competence running for office in our Schenectady.
Neil Golub

O’Donnell will push for transparency

Diane O’Donnell is running for Niskayuna town clerk to put an end to a pervasive problem.
Our current town clerk has historically provided minutes that are months late and that lack important meeting content and statements made by residents.  
Diane O’Donnell will provide complete and accurate minutes within two weeks based on the requirements of the state Open Meetings Law.  She will make them available online and through subscription service.
As an elected official, Diane will be accountable and responsive to Niskayuna residents. She will provide communication and information in compliance with the Freedom of Information Law without direction from political parties.
She recognizes that Niskayuna residents have busy schedules. She will improve services by providing some weekend and evening hours to make it more convenient for the residents to do business with our Niskayuna Town Clerk.
She knows that Niskayuna residents have the right to timely and complete information and quality services.
She believes in community service and transparency in government. Join me in supporting and voting for Diane O’Donnell as our next Niskayuna town clerk.
Gretchen DeBobes

Riggi is one of city’s best council members

Vince Riggi has proven to be one of the best City Council members being of high principles and integrity and helping Schenectady taxpayers.
Vote for Vince Riggi for City Council in column 13 on the ballot. Do this first and foremost.
Then, if you are not satisfied with what the present mayor is doing, especially trying to get himself a 16 percent raise in the new budget, you may let him know by writing in a person’s name like Vince Riggi, who all of you know. (Vince is only running to be re-elected to the City Council.)
Make sure you use your privilege to vote on Nov. 5.
(Mrs.) Jessie Malecki

Glenville deserves better than Kohout

Conflict of interest aside, can the head of the village of Scotia DPW hold town of Glenville office?
On July 28 of this year, a large village-owned tree fell across the walkway into my house, causing more than $10,000 in damage. I called Andrew Kohout nearly a month prior to inform him of the condition of this tree and of the concern for public safety, as many people walk to Collins Park across the street.
He was dismissive of my concern, even questioning why it was the village’s responsibility. A tree fell onto a car on Sunnyside Avenue on April 18, 2019. (The driver luckily escaping serious injury.) I was truly expecting a more concerned response from the DWP head.
Due to a lack of action, on July 24, a concerned neighbor and I went to see Andrew Kohout at DPW.
We showed him pictures of the tree and reiterated the concern for public safety. After three requests, he agreed to stop after work to see for himself, as he could not leave the office at that time. Andrew never showed.
The town of Glenville deserves better than Andrew Kohout.
Mike McGeoch

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