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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Nov. 13

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Why just single out Trump for fraud?

A New York judge orders Trump to pay $2 million for foundation misuse. Will Judge Scarpulia now look into the $150 million given to the Clinton Foundation by a Russian company? How was this money used? Why is there no checking into this apparent violation? I looked online and could not find anything relating to this abridge of ethics.
Why are we constantly aiding Hillary, never finding even a lie or wrongdoing?
Geraldine Krawitz
Saratoga Springs

See film, join talk on climate change

We all know climate change is real, and it’s happening faster than scientists anticipated.
The current administration has made things worse in the last three years, highlighted by leaving the Paris Climate Accord just when we need to work the hardest to stem the tide of global destruction.
However, there seems to be a concerted effort by communities and organizations, both large and small, across the country to do what this administration refuses to do: face climate change head on and act swiftly to make the necessary changes.
On Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m., the First Reformed Church of Schenectady is hosting a free viewing of “Paris to Pittsburgh,” a National Geographic documentary about the problems we face and the variety of solutions people of all walks of life are putting into practice to stem the tide of climate change.
This is a great opportunity for all to join a positive discussion around solutions to this crisis.
Sean Kent

Roundabouts offer no improvement

What is with all these roundabouts? I’ve heard they make less fatalities, but more accidents. That makes no sense to me. I’m 73 and have been driving since I was 16 and have never had an accident. I’m in Clifton Park and the new one on Route 146 is a nightmare. I know of people who take a longer route around it to avoid it.
Also the one over by the Rexford bridge is an accident waiting to happen. What was wrong with red means stop and green means go?
Georgette Ingoglia

Grateful for town supervisor’s efforts

Just a special “Thank You” to Ballston Town Supervisor Tim Szczepaniak for everything he has done for the town, its citizens and even those of us from neighboring communities. The beautiful CVS store and Stewart’s shop at the corner of Route 50 and Lakehill Road are a huge improvement over the previous eyesores that existed at that intersection.
But more importantly, thank you, Mr. Szczepaniak, for your repeated efforts to bring a grocery store to the Ballston-Burnt Hills area. What a wonderful addition to Route 50 to have a Hannaford market located so close to our homes.
As a senior, I am so appreciative of your efforts to have a beautiful new market within easy driving distance.  
Asilda Dube

Riggi was a voice of for Sch’dy residents

Schenectady residents lost a valuable council person in this year’s election.
Vince Riggi was a huge voice on the council. Thank you for your service.
Michael Barbarulo

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