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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Nov. 14

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Riggi had become ineffective on council

In response to Tricia Margas’ Nov. 11 letter (“How could voters not re-elect Vince Riggi?”), for my family it was very easy to not vote for Riggi.
In June, my wife Barbara called Vince Riggi at home at least three times about problems we were having with Schenectady code enforcement. My wife was a former Riggi supporter and had been former president and vice president of the Mont Pleasant Neighborhood Association, plus she had graduated high school with Mr. Riggi.
Three phone calls on separate days and guess what? No answer back and no support of Vince Riggi.
Vince blended in too much with the other members of the City Council. The elections show Vince had lost over 500 supporters between 2015 and November 2019. He had become ineffective.
Jack Fitch, Sr.

Ellis must change credentialing form

Over the last 12 years, I have privately urged Ellis Hospital to change its credentialing procedures. I hope that by my publicly airing my concerns, they will be taken more seriously. Ellis Hospital requires all physicians who have privileges to complete a detailed medical questionnaire.
We are required to list the doctors we have seen, the reason for the appointments and any medications prescribed. We also must answer questions about various symptoms, including our reproductive and mental health. I do not even work at Ellis Hospital. I must complete this form to access patient labs from the Ellis electronic record. Ellis requires me to disclose my entire medical history to review patient labs.
While privacy issues are concerning, I am more troubled by the impact these questions have on fellow physicians. I have been unable to convince colleagues to seek treatment for depression because they do not want to disclose that treatment on the Ellis Hospital form. Suicide rates in physicians are much higher than in the general population. I worry about those who need treatment but are not receiving it.
Several months ago, I was told the form would be changed. It has not been changed. This week, two physician administrators called me and reminded me that change takes time – that they want to make changes but must first filter through many committees. Twelve years is too long to wait, when changing this form may save a doctor’s life.
Catherine Smitas, MD

Opine on abortion, not breast feeding

Dear Diane Sanders Hombach, regarding your Oct. 30 letter (“Writer has no right to discuss abortion“) to Mr. Wendell Neugebauer, I believe he has every right to his opinion on abortion.
Just because a man can’t deliver a baby doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings for an unborn child.
If he were commenting on whether a woman should breast feed or not, now that’s another matter. Note to Wendell – If you think you were spanked over your comments on abortion, don’t even voice your opinion on breast feeding.
Lorraine VanDerWerken

Exactly what crimes did Trump commit?

I just read Ms. Cartwright’s Nov. 9 letter (“No good Democrat is supportive of Trump”). As is common practice among the opposition, they spray around phrases that President Trump ‘broke laws’, defied the Constitution, etc.
But, as is also common practice, not once do they ever list these illusory occasions. Let me try to help: Did he prohibit ‘due process’ during the Kavanaugh hearings?  No, no. That was the Democrats. Did he bribe a foreign government to fire an elected official? No. Did he direct states and cities to ignore federal immigration laws to let criminal aliens out on the streets? No, no, those were Democratic controlled entities. Did he sign bills allowing the abortion of fetuses up to the time of birth? Oops, sorry, there is nothing in the Constitution on that; it comes from a higher law. Ever hear of Thou Shalt Not Kill? Alas, those bills were signed by Democratic governors, not President Trump. He is pro-life and that is not a crime.
I will wait for you, or anyone, to come up with some crime that is provable. How did Mueller make out? But if you and others who believe as you think there is nothing wrong with the items I’ve listed, then your title is accurate: There are no good Democrats.
Jeffrey Falace

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