Future shade: Niskayuna Rotary plants trees at Zenner


NISKAYUNA — Niskayuna Rotary is looking forward to new growth in the town.

Economic growth and ecological growth.

Members recently planted eight new trees in the Zenner Road soccer field park, near Craig Elementary School. 

“This location was chosen by the Rotary members, [Niskayuna] Tree Council and Highway Department to augment the line of Austrian pines that are nearing the end of their life spans, so there will be shade, wind protection and refuge for the multitude of park users throughout the seasons,” said Town Planner Laura Robertson.

“The species are all native and include black gum, birch and red oak,” she added.

Rotary President David Hitchcock said the tree project has been in development since summer 2018. Working with Jack Faddegon — president of Faddegon’s Nursery and a Rotary member — six gums, one river birch and one red oak were chosen. The eight members on the Rotary tree team all purchased their own trees for planting, so the actual club did not have to expend any funds.

Hitchcock said Rotary chose trees for their shade quality. “We wanted them to be functional,” he said.

Niskayuna Rotary appreciates arbor: In 2016, the group planted 144 fruit trees in Malawi and another 20 at an orphanage in Haiti.

Rotary members dedicated the trees last week in a brief ceremony with Town Supervisor Yasmine Syed. Hitchcock expects the trees will mature in 12 to 15 years.

“The species are all native,” Robertson said. “The black gum in particular have fantastic fall color. All of the tree species support wildlife and bring value to our park now and for future generations.”


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