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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Nov. 23

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Generous benefits, pay are owed to vets

The Constitution Party of New York respects the difficult and selfless contributions of our active servicemen and women and all veterans for defending and preserving freedom in America.
Only by offering equitable pay and benefits to those in active service and a generous benefits package to veterans for health, education and other important benefits can we truly recognize their efforts to the national welfare.
We strongly resist the means of any government agency to lower or invalidate the earned benefits of veterans and their survivors, including compensation, pensions, health care, education and any other benefits.
William D. Wilday
The writer is chairman of the Constitution Party of New York.

Democrats going down socialist road

A son-in-law of mine has a grandfather who escaped Venezuela along with 4 million others. Why? You won’t read too much about the catastrophe in Venezuela because the mainstream media wants to prevent us from reading or hearing too much about a socialist disaster.
Many Venezuelans are starving. The inflation rate is 1 million percent, which means, for example, that a dozen eggs would cost 150 U.S. dollars.
How did this happen to one of the richest, most prosperous countries in the world 20 years ago? It started with Chavez and is now continuing with Nicolas Maduro. Maduro came to power  six years ago promising to get rid of crime by confiscating all guns.
He also promised free health care. After he was elected, he gave the guns back and health care only to those who voted for him. He can’t be ousted because those who oppose him have no guns, and many are dying of disease and starvation.
I write this because I see the current Democratic Party going down a similar socialist road.
Richard Colyer

Republicans, tell us what you’re after

People that think I would believe implicitly that a verdict of “innocent” was fitting regarding the woman-scorned found holding a smoking pistol over the body of her ex-lover are essentially insulting their own intelligence.
Republicans expecting me to believe that Trump’s interaction with Ukraine’s president was an innocent effort to look after the interest of both nations, and not a substantial effort to fabricate a false narrative for personal gain and vengeance, are also insulting their own intelligence.
If the Republicans who are vehemently defending Trump were honest, they would drop the pretense that makes them look intellectually like they asked God for trains instead of brains. They would be up front about their real concerns.
What are their real concerns?
Is it the fear of not being elected? Is it the fear of a socio-economic platform that is not in agreement with them? Or is it both? I suspect both.
However, many of the Republicans defending Trump seem to righteously feel there are no rules for them when it comes to how they achieve their goal. I find this attitude very disturbing.
Why? If for no other reason, than cheating is in the set of rules of war. And you can’t have much of a nation comprised of two encampments that treat the other as they treat their enemy when at war. If left unchecked, this attitude is the beginning of the end.
R. Michael Boyer

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