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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Nov. 24

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Vote out Trump to rescue the planet

It isn’t the economy, health care, nor immigration. No.
The most important issue today is whether life on Planet Earth is to survive.
We’ve already lost thousands of species, and human life continues to be on the Endangered Species List.
Donald “coal is beautiful” Trump is the greatest threat to life on Earth as the cheerleader of the fossil fuel industry. He’s not only a climate denier, but a science denier.
A statement signed by 11,000 scientists in over 150 countries, published in “BioScience,” issued this dire warning: “The climate crisis is accelerating faster than most scientists expected. It is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity.”
Findings published in “Nature Communications” warned of global sea levels rising between two and seven feet over the course of this century. By mid-century, some 300 million homes will be threatened by flooding.
Trump’s response is to relax limits on coal plants discharging contaminated waste into waterways and to give them two more years to comply with some rules.
His EPA repealed curbs on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, and he intends to have the United States formally withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement by Nov. 4, 2020, a day after he hopes to be re-elected, making the United States the only country in the world not a member.
Whether Trump is impeached or voted out, he must be stopped. It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or your health if you don’t have a planet.
Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Parking charges will drive customers away

In response to the Nov. 18 article “City mulls successes and image problems,” I find it remarkable that local leaders in Schenectady manage a “one foot forward and two steps back “ approach.
The revitalization of Proctors has been an invaluable asset to Schenectady, bringing in large crowds.
This brings business to the local businesses and restaurants.
The parking options were without charge; it felt very welcoming until recently.
“Hamilton” came to Schenectady, and suddenly there were money-grabbing attendants in the lots which were once free.
The large sandwich board signs advertise parking fees Monday through Friday, and they now have attendants shaking patrons down for $5 to $10 on the weekend matinees.
One attendant explained that LAZ parking would only be charging fees for “the Big Ones,”  which I assumed to be the most well-attended shows.
Shame on the city leaders allowing this.
As leaders attempt to figure out how best to “keep lights in downtown shining,” free parking, especially parking that offers reasonable walking distances to shops and eateries, evaporates in the name of greed.
We now use the crowded free parking lots at more remote areas to attend shows at Proctors.
But by doing this, we have found it is safer and easier to dine somewhere outside of Schenectady after the show.
What a shame.
Laura Moore
Ballston Spa

Trump is only looking out for Number 1

Anyone who accuses The Daily Gazette of being permeated with liberal bias ought to read Hugh Hewitt’s rant on Nov. 9: “Senate must not legitimatize House’s sham impeachment.”
He asks what’s in the best interest of the Constitution, the Senate and President Trump?
Please note that the American people and the country are not mentioned. Donald Trump and his fake “conservatives” and international oligarchs will look out for POTUS and anyone else who can fill their needs now and, in the future.
But who will stand in the interest of this country?
Betty Pieper

Rep. Stefanik has her priorities misplaced

Elise Stefanik has, over the course of a brief career in Congress, proven herself to be a power-hungry lightweight, seeking the limelight no matter how cheap the ploy.
When our local community suffered great loss of life in the horrific limo crash of 2018, Ms. Stefanik grabbed the microphone and started preaching about enacting federal legislation.
She knew very well it wasn’t about lack of state laws regulating limos, but it was about the limo owner, Nauman Hussein, allegedly breaking the existing state laws.
Now Rep. Stefanik has inserted herself into the impeachment proceedings against President Trump.
She fans the fires of conspiracy theories involving Ukraine and Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter. Yet she ignores the fact that former Republican Congressman John Sweeney is paid over $750,000 a year (Daily Gazette story) by a Kremlin-controlled bank.
Isn’t it curious that Mr. Sweeney was one of the first to endorse Trump and work for Trump’s campaign? Isn’t it also curious that Trump denies Russian interference in the 2016 election, believing Putin over our own U.S. intelligence?
One wonders why Rep. Stefanik is not calling for investigations of Trump and Sweeney. Is she hoping for her own Russian windfall in a few years?
Michael Winn
Saratoga Springs

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