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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Nov. 25

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Trump breaks man’s laws and God’s laws

In his Nov. 14 letter (“Exactly what crimes did Trump commit?”) Jeffrey Falace wants to know “when President Trump broke laws, defied the Constitution etc.”
Every day since assuming office, Trump has violated the Constitution’s Emoluments clause by not divesting himself of his businesses. He has defied the Constitution by unilaterally reallocating funds that were authorized by Congress for other purposes to construct a border wall, and also by refusing to comply with subpoenas that requested documents and blocking his staff members from testifying before Congress.
That’s obstruction of justice, and that’s called a crime.
Mr. Falace further alleges that only states with Democratic governors signed bills allowing abortion (Incorrect: Look at Vermont, for example). He stated that Trump is pro-life, a position derived from “a higher law: Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Thou Shalt Not Kill is not a law; it is one of the Ten Commandments. But since Mr. Falace describes the Ten Commandments as “laws,” Donald Trump has clearly broken at least four of the 10: the prohibition against adultery (with how many women whose silence he attempted to buy?); the prohibition against stealing (How many contractors and their employees has he stiffed? How many students of Trump University did he rip off?); coveting his neighbor’s wife (Remember, he has described Ivanka Trump as a “piece of ass.” Not only is she someone else’s wife, she’s his daughter.); and bearing false witness. I believe the number of verified lies told by Trump since taking office exceeds 13,000.
Paul Deierlein

Cuomo falls short on climate change

Following the horrific flooding that took place Dolgeville a few weeks ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke in an interview on MSNBC of the new extreme weather patterns in New York during recent years and the threat they pose in terms of climate change. He added that anyone still in denial of climate change “is making a very serious mistake.”
Despite his strong words, the governor has done very little to combat the looming threat of climate change. He has yet to declare New York in a state of climate emergency. The legislative measures he has signed onto also are inadequate. It’s true the CLPA that passed this summer is the most progressive climate legislation of any state in the country. And it may have been enough 30 years ago. But it’s not nearly enough to tackle the crisis we face today.
For the sake of our future, it’s time for Gov. Cuomo to take extreme actions on climate change that match gravity of the situation. Actions such as: Declaring a climate emergency, putting New York on the path of getting off of fossil fuels and on 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, and following in the footsteps of the Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
We only have about 10 years to reverse the threat of the climate crisis, and the clock’s ticking. If the governor (as well as other leaders of the country and world) don’t help us and act, natural incidents like that in Dolgeville will start looking like best-case scenarios.
Matt Oill

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