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Two plead guilty in Saratoga animal welfare case

Guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits left behind in apartment

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Two women accused of leaving a number of small animals behind when they moved out of their apartment have pleaded guilty to related charges, the Saratoga County district attorney’s office said.

Jamie L. Waters, 29, and Angelica B. Prisco, 23, both of Saratoga Springs, pleaded guilty in Saratoga Springs City Court to misdemeanor charges related to abandonment of the animals and a exposing a child to the situation created when the animals weren’t properly cared for.

An investigation by the Saratoga Springs Police Department determined that the women kept an apartment where they had numerous small animals, including guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits. They subsequently moved around the end of September, and left the animals behind. Maintenance workers at the apartment building discovered the situation while responding to a water main break and alerted police. The animals were taken to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter, and, once recovered, were placed up for adoption.

Prisco pleaded guilty to failure to provide proper sustenance, and was sentenced by City Court Judge Jeffrey Wait to three years’ probation and restitution for the cost of animal care. She was directed not to own, foster or care for animals while on probation.

Waters pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, for exposing a child to the apartment where the animals weren’t properly cared for. Wait also placed her on three years’ probation, with the same conditions.

“Each defendant pled to the most serious charge filed against them, as that is what justice demanded in this case,” said District Attorney Karen A. Heggen.

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