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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Dec. 24

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Don’t forget Christ on holiday to-do list

Do the Gazette editors know the origin of Christmas? I was deeply saddened when reading the Dec. 19 feature of “100 things to do this holiday season” to find not a single reference to attending a church service, taking time for private devotions or singing Christmas carols.

Perhaps you are not aware that the “holiday season” includes “Christmas” which comes from the word “Christ.” For many people, the season is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, often called “Christ.”  

I weep that he’s still forgotten.

Paul Randall


The best option for Trump is to resign

In Trump’s impeachment, House Republicans attacked the process under Democrats’ control. They engaged in antisocial and counterfactual behavior. Conspicuously, however, they failed to defend Trump as being either honest or innocent.

Underlying partisanship of the House vote was near unanimous agreement about Trump’s guilt.

This was evident from debate in the Intelligence Oversight and Judiciary committees and the full House. Despite partisan bitterness, the House action sends a powerful, essentially nonpartisan message of guilt to voters and senators.

Senators know that all House members’ terms end in 2020. They know that Republican members risk primary challenges at Trump’s instigation if they rebel. They know that House Republicans desiring impeachment did not have to vote for it, as Democrats would do the job.

Not so in the Senate. Senators serve six-year terms. Just 23 Republican senators’ terms will end in 2020, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s. Thus, 30 of the 53 Republican senators will join 47 Democrats, totaling 77 Senate trial jurors protected from Trump jury tampering.

Republican senators have a weighty responsibility. To keep them in line, Trump relies upon Mitch McConnell. McConnell must avoid the appearance of rebellion, but he could engineer rebellion surreptitiously. He could advise Trump to resign with an immunity deal or face conviction and removal.

Resignation seems likely. Trump’s legal peril may become dire if his tax returns must be released. The Supreme Court has agreed to consider this issue. A likely adverse decision could be averted, however, if Trump resignation renders it moot.

Dr. Robert A. Michaels


Republicans: Stop defending Trump

To all Trump supporters: if Bill Clinton could be impeached over lying about having an affair with an intern, pushed by Republicans and Clinton haters for years, then dare I say, it’s only right that Trump be impeached for bribery of a foreign country and obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Call me crazy, but the latter seems much more serious. Republicans, get your heads out of the sand and stop defending the indefensible. History will remember all of this, and you.

Mary Baker


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