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Southern Saratoga County YMCA sees busy start to 2020

Regulars, newcomers turn out
Stephanie Davis of Mechanicville works out at the Southern Saratoga YMCA in Clifton Park on Thursday.
Stephanie Davis of Mechanicville works out at the Southern Saratoga YMCA in Clifton Park on Thursday.

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CLIFTON PARK — Just one day after the start of the new year, the Southern Saratoga County YMCA was bustling with newcomers and regulars busily participating in new programs offered by the gym.

On Thursday, people were using everything from the swimming pool, which was holding lap swimming and free swim, to the weight-lifting area on the second level.

Katie Massie, membership director at the YMCA, said people had been coming and going consistently all day since early morning.

“It’s super busy,” she said.

Part of the crowd, she said, could be attributed to regulars sticking to their normal schedule, or even people who might have made a New Year’s resolution to take advantage of the facilities more often.

But, she added, many people, including gym-goers who were at the YMCA around 2 p.m. on Thursday, were there to take advantage of the plethora of new classes and activities that the organization began offering Thursday.

That lineup includes such things as new yoga and tai chi classes for people affected by arthritis, and a program called “Ten Is When,” which trains children at age 10 in safety and correct usage of gym facilities. At the end of the training, they are allowed to use areas of the YMCA, such as the basketball court, while a parent or adult is doing their own workout.

Prior to the program, children under the age of 12 were restricted to the area their parents were using while at the gym.

The new programs, Massie said, were the result of an evaluation of member needs and desires from over the past year.

“These are basically things that people have wanted,” she said.

For some gym-goers though, the day was a business-as-usual one.

Louis Pelusa of Clifton Park was lifting dumb bells Thursday afternoon, part of his usual workout. While he wasn’t there following a new resolution specifically, he said that committing to going to the gym more often can only help people better their lives.

“I try to be healthy. Everyone tries to be healthy when the new year comes, to eat better, to work out more,” he said.

For Pelusa though, a diabetic, trips to the gym have become a way of life.

“I come three or four times a week. I have to,” he said.

Ronald F. Ball of Clifton Park, another regular, was doing laps at the gym on Thursday.

“Oh yeah, I come three, four times a week,” Ball said. “We have to stay active if we want to be healthy.”

For Anatoly Reznikov of Clifton Park, the fact that the new year had started didn’t have much of an effect on his workout routine.

Every day, Reznikov, 75, said he comes to the YMCA to swim laps for up to an hour. The training is what has kept him in shape for years, and for him, the second day of the new year was simply another day in the life of being dedicated to feeling his best.

“It makes me feel very healthy,” Reznikov said.


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