At the hop: Hillside kids, parents sing and dance at “Boogie Night”

Fourth-graders Keira Vadney, left, and Lily Ramos groove during "Boogie Night" at Hillside Elementary School.
Fourth-graders Keira Vadney, left, and Lily Ramos groove during "Boogie Night" at Hillside Elementary School.

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NISKAYUNA — Keira Vadney and Lily Ramos enjoyed big fun Jan. 24.

Big fins, too.

The two fourth-graders at Hillside Elementary School wore shark heads as they moved and grooved during the school’s annual “Boogie Night.”

“It’s fun because it’s the one night of the year you have a dance and see all your friends,” said Vadney, 9.

“It’s so fun to have a party in the middle of the year and you can enjoy it with your friends,” added sister shark Ramos, also 9.

Kids wore fish hats and masks, pirate hats and carried balloons during the aquatic-themed gathering in the school gym, which included a disc jockey, the usual lights-out ambiance and the more usual loud music.

“It’s a family fun night for the kids,” said Brian Gregory, who along with Jim Chapman organized the Boogie. “It’s something creative and fun, they can burn some energy and enjoy school. It’s our fifth year doing it, so they kind of know what to expect, they get excited.”

Chapman wore a pirate hat.

“A lot of people dress up for it, and we encourage that — this one was swimsuit optional, I brought mine,” he said. “Every year is themed differently, this one was ‘Enchantment Under the Sea.'”

Funds raised were given to the school’s parent-teacher organization.

“At the end of the day, it’s really about having fun,” Chapman said.

Kids raced around the gym, using their own kind of sonar to avoid running into adults and other revelers. Conga-style lines broke out, with kids putting hands on the shoulders of kids in front of them to form a line that snaked around the gym.

“Everyone is all excited, they put their hands in the air,” said Madelyn Cummings, 10, a fourth-grader. “It gets people together and you make friends.”

“It gets out of control!” added Chloe Wang, 9, another fourth-grader.

Parents watched their kids pinball around the gym floor. Others decided to join the party.

“Most of the parents just stand around,” said Jessica Moses, who shared the experience with daughter Sarai, 8, a third-grader. “I like to dance!”


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