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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Feb. 11

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Abortion, fracking ban hurt population

The Feb. 1 Gazette editorial (“Focus on solutions to NY exodus”) on the New York population exodus certainly mentions many reasons for this loss, the chief one being over-regulation, in my opinion.
For instance, the governor’s dictum against safe fracking is keeping the economy of the Southern Tier depressed. New York could be producing much of its own natural gas rather than purchasing it from other states. Many citizens would return if this anti-business restriction were lifted.
A very large loss of New York population is never mentioned in the editorial, namely the destruction of over 6 million future New York taxpayers by abortion since 1970.
Half of these might now be working and enriching the state coffers. These people will never return to our state. They are gone forever. Instead of reducing this loss, Gov. Cuomo celebrated greater access to abortion last year.
The killing of innocent people will never stem our population loss, but even now an assisted-suicide bill is in the Legislature, endorsed by the governor. Gov. Cuomo, will you celebrate the signing of such a right-to-die bill by colored lights on the World Trade Tower?
I suggest the color red, signifying the many taillights you will see as vulnerable New York seniors leave for safer states.
Wendell Neugebauer
Ballston Spa

Falvo will be missed by department, city

Congratulations to Pete DeMola regarding the illuminating Feb. 2 article on retiring Assistant Police Chief Jack Falvo, Jr. (“Assistant police chief looks back on 40-year career.”) He had a very illustrious career in the Schenectady Police Department.
I know he will be greatly missed, not only by the department but also the people of Schenectady.
Wishing him much happiness, good health and many blessings in retirement.
Elizabeth Volpicelli

Trump holds a rally, not press conference

It’s 1:15 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6, and I am watching Donald Trump’s “press conference” on TV.
He has been speaking for almost an hour now, and there is zero news, but many lies involved in it. He is condemning and name-calling every Democrat, many civil servants and Mitt Romney, while praising every Republican who contributed to his acquittal. He just left the room without taking even one question from a journalist.
Every TV channel that is broadcasting this “campaign rally” should bill his re-election campaign for the airtime.
Blanche Fischer

Thanks to firefighter for help after storm

Thank you, Kevin O’Conner, who came to my aid when I woke to a very icy driveway. Kevin is a volunteer fireman in Charlton.
He came immediately to help a former fireman who has some disabilities. I am very grateful to those men and women who selflessly give time to their communities.
Fred Acunto

Put the politicians back in their cages

Let’s put all the donkeys and elephants back in the zoo where they belong.
Jackie Bekkering

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