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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Feb. 12

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Upset with refund policy at SCCC

I’m very disappointed with Schenectady Community College.
I recently registered for a class there, I was surprised by the $130 in fees (bus, exercise, etc.) that were tacked on to the tuition fee ($550). I was told that if I decided to drop a course, I would be refunded 75% of the tuition fee.
No one mentioned anything about not being refunded the other fees. I took the first class and, realizing it would be too much with working, I dropped it the next day.
I was told that in addition to being charged the 25% tuition, I would still be charged the $130 activity fee. So, I was charged $265 for taking one night of a class. I wrote to the college, asking for the activity fees to be refunded, and was told that all their fees are listed online. This is not fair and does not seem a good face of Schenectady’s education.
Maeve Smith

Peace deal supports Israeli apartheid

Imagine you own a house and an acre of land. Some of my friends tell me I can have your house.
I go there and take your house at gunpoint and allow you to live in the very back of the acre in a tent, with no access to the road, electricity, water or food and visitors controlled by me. And for good measure I shoot some of your family while doing so.
You are upset, and having a slingshot shoot some stones at my house, or rather, the house you used to own.
I kill some more of your family.
Then my best friend comes over with a peace plan: We will take some more of your land, you will live in an even smaller corner of the lot, your friends and family still cannot visit, you still have no access to the road, and if you don’t accept this, we will take even more of your property.
This is the American peace plan for Palestine. But it is not a peace plan; it is complicity with Israeli Zionist apartheid. Israel is the South Africa of our day.
We have to stop blaming the victim. Want real peace? End Israeli apartheid. Boycott. Divest. Sanction Israel.
James Van Dijk
Saratoga Springs

Trump is a cancer on this country

How does one not come to the conclusion that the president is not deranged after watching those god-awful remarks given after being acquitted by the Senate?
I watched a thin-skinned, fragile, insecure man claim how much of a victim he is and how the investigators should be investigated.
I’m sure Congresswoman Elise Stefanik enjoyed being told how good she looked and when she opens her mouth, she was “killing them.” The president then references a story in the New York Post about her and then he circles back to how much he loves the New York Post because they treat him so well. Do we want someone in the Oval Office who obsesses about his media coverage and settling personal scores instead of working to reduce our health insurance premiums and lowering the cost of insulin?
I think not, and I hope Americans realize that this man is a cancer on our democracy. I will vote blue no matter who the candidate is, and I would encourage anyone who wants to protect our constitution republic to do the same.
Edwin Reyes

Tax break for vets a small price to pay

It makes sense to give tax breaks to our vets in our city. I think everyone understands that the break will come from the average taxpayer. If the increase is only $10-$12 a year for a home assessed at $100,000, then it certainly makes sense to help our veterans.  
Peter Butryn

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