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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Feb. 14

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Democrats’ hypocrisy is now on full display

A couple of thoughts on current positions of the Democrats.
First point: During the past three years, Democrats have endlessly been chanting the mantra “No one is above the law,” while hundreds of thousands breach our borders.
Meanwhile, across the country, mayors and governors have been declaring their respective cities and states “sanctuaries” and denounce their critics as bigots or fascists or worse. Evidently it is only so-called “progressives” who have the right to declare certain laws “unjust” and then ignore them.
Second point: In light of the results of the 2016 election, Democratic presidential candidate wanna-bes have been unanimous in calling for the abolition of the Electoral College. This is risible.
If the situation had been reversed — if Hillary Clinton had won the Electoral College but her opponent had won the popular vote —Democrats would have spent the last three years celebrating the “wisdom” of the Founders for establishing the College, which thus “saved the country from the likes of Donald Trump.”
Can you spell “hypocrisy,” boys and girls?
Michael L. Nardacci

Tonko poor defender of our right to life

In response to Holly Loth’s Feb. 9 letter (“Rep. Tonko has done plenty for women.”) Rep. Paul Tonko may be credited somewhat with advocating for women, as Loth’s letter asserts.
If you’re a female in the womb, however, you’re liable to die if your mother (or father) decides for an abortion.
Tonko’s record is abysmal when it comes to defending our most fundamental right; the right to life.
Oops, I forgot. The “right to choose” is a fundamental right. Huh?
Glenn Smith  

Vets tax break would have minimal cost

I am a veteran and I attended the Schenectady school board meeting on Feb. 5 on behalf of and in support of the Disabled American Veterans.
And I read the nice article in the Feb. 9 Gazette that included the quote: “We paid our dues.”
My wife and I do not see the board’s concern on what the other residents would think of a minimal increase in their tax liability.
What are they talking, like $12 a year?
We do not think that many homeowners, at least the ones that we know and live near, would think twice about this.
Yes, I am a veteran and served in the Marine Corps from 1976-79 and did not see combat.
Speaking as a taxpayer and homeowner in the city of Schenectady for over 20 years, we do not have a problem whatsoever paying an additional $12 a year to help out a disabled vet.
This city takes pride in its veterans.
Both of my parents for the past three years have had their banners flown downtown for them being World War II vets.
We would urge all of the school board members to pass the Alternative Veterans Tax Exemption.
Dennis and Denise Eagan

Loss of GE matching funds will hit hard

GE retirees recently received a letter informing them that as of April 16, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the Matching Gifts Program.
This is very bad news for local non-profit organizations. Anyone who plans on making charitable donations in the coming year may want to do so sooner, rather than later, to take advantage of the program one last time.
Additionally, it may be wise for Schenectady non-profits to publicize this change to make sure their donors are aware of it.
Historically, so many GE employees, both working and retired, have been incredibly generous in their support of local foundations and organizations.
What a shame its retirees will no longer be able to boost their donations through GE’s matching funds.
Christine Witkowski
The writer is a spouse of a GE retiree.

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