Schenectady startup firm gains Hot Spot designation

NYBizLab at 251 State St. in Schenectady.
NYBizLab at 251 State St. in Schenectady.

SCHENECTADY — Local startup firm Silver Soaks has secured Hot Spot certification from Innovate 518-Capital Region.

Silver Soaks is the second tenant of the New York BizLab incubator to become part of the program; TropheCase was first in 2018.

Silver Soaks, founded in February 2019 by Katie Ellet and Challen DeMartino, makes athletic wear that blends comfort and technology for improved performance. Its inaugural product line is soccer undersocks that silver thread that inhibits the growth of bacteria — a leading cause of irritation — and are specifically designed to be worn under shin guards.

On the company’s website, Ellet says the product grew from her own frustrations as a soccer mom, watching her son struggle with rashes from his shin guards.

DeMartino said in a news release: “When we founded Silver Soaks, we made it a priority to use Capital Region resources as much as possible, with the goal of supporting the local economy. The Hot Spot program helps us achieve this and grow in Schenectady.”

Hot Spot is a state-sponsored program that helps the youngest startups begin operation and potentially grow to the point of joining StartUp New York, which confers tax savings and other benefits.

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