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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 23

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Supermarkets must address dairy safety

Dairy products are temperature sensitive and must be kept cold to prevent spoilage.
Supermarkets sell milk from display cases that are refilled directly from refrigerated storage rooms.
However, other dairy products such as butter, cheese and yogurt are sold from cases that are refilled from carts rolled into the aisles of the stores, where staff move the products from the carts to the refrigerated cases.
This can allow the temperature of the dairy products to rise enough to accelerate spoilage.
Recently, two carts piled high with dairy items were sitting in the aisle of a local supermarket while no one was around to move the product to the shelves. Ten minutes later, nothing had been unloaded.
I was once told by staff at this or another supermarket that dairy products could sit on the carts 30 to 45 minutes.
While butter and hard cheeses do not spoil as quickly as milk, some products on the carts, such as yogurt and cottage cheese, are just as sensitive to higher temperatures as milk. In fact, I have purchased cottage cheese from this store that was spoiled, even though the expiration date had not passed.
The dairy manager dismissed my concerns, claiming this is a rare event in his store (It is not.). He also used his fingers, instead of a thermometer, to check the temperature of the containers on the cart.
The supermarket industry needs to address this issue, which not only increases food waste, but could make their customers ill.
Victor Roberts
Burnt Hills

Investing in vets will help communities

President Trump brags about the economy but ignores the deficit.
There were 21.4 million veterans in 2014. If we had spent one-fifth of that enormous amount of money on our vets, that would have ended homeless vets and, I hope, of death by suicide afflicting vets by the thousands.
We should pay every vet $10,000 per year for being vets. This would cost $200 billion per year. Vets should get $10,000 per  year for the rest of their lives. All vets might not qualify for the full amount if they earn above a certain amount.
Vets won’t put that money in buying back stock to puff up their stock with stock buybacks. They will spend it on the community where they live. Suddenly, being a vet will be desirable.
For every dollar spent by a vet, the coffers of the local communities will get $1.50 in spin-off benefits.
Richard Moody

Trump is not what a Christian should be

There’s a man who has done the following: Illegally kept Blacks out of his apartment building; fought for the death penalty for the Central Park Five; said President Obama was born in Kenya; called black African countries, A-hole countries; told four elected members of Congress (all American citizens of color) to go back where they came from; banned most Muslims and others seeking asylum; had 15-20 women accuse him of sexual abuse; had one affair while his wife was having his baby; paid hundreds of thousands to two women to keep quiet before the 2016 election; passed tax cuts for the rich causing the deficit to soar to $1 trillion; proposed changes to take over 100,000 people off food stamps; changed rules allowing companies to dump their waste into streams and rivers; cut back on clean air and water policies; tried to get a foreign country to help him get reelected.
This man, Donald Trump, is the complete opposite of what a Christian should be. Every week in church, I listen and read how we should help the poor and helpless. This man is a racist and a bigot who only wants to help the rich and himself.
John Quinn

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