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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb. 27

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Remembering a compassionate nurse practitioner

With a heavy heart I read the passing of Suzanne O’Loughlin in the Sunday Feb. 16 Gazette. This woman touched everyone in my family while being a nurse practitioner at 711 Troy-Schenectady Road and I’m sure she has touched a lot of others.
Though small in stature she had the biggest heart of anyone our family has met in the medical field. We will miss her deeply and know she will be welcomed into heaven.

Would Trump send in the troops?

I worry, probably irrationally, that Trump might send in the troops to sanctuary cities and states, like New York, to enforce the strict immigration laws by taking over the computers which may be harboring illegal immigrants. Could he get away with it? And, is this what the Democrats are trying to provoke?

Baby Boomers lack sense of purpose

As a volunteer for Citizens Climate Lobby and a Baby Boomer who is concerned about the damage that climate change is already causing on parts of this planet, I sometimes wonder whether we would be more inclined to act on climate change if those who were members of the “Greatest Generation,” i.e., those who came of age during the Great Depression and went on to either fight in World War II or otherwise support the war effort, had assumed positions of power in the last several decades instead of Baby Boomers. The Greatest Generation sacrificed everything in order to save the world from Hitler. Would we all be speaking German today if the Baby Boomers had been in charge back then? We Baby Boomers don’t seem to have the same sense of a larger purpose. The Greatest Generation did everything it could to create a comfortable existence for us Baby Boomers. There are exceptions, of course, but it does not appear that as a group we Boomers are willing to do the same thing for our children and grandchildren. We need an epiphany about climate change, and fast.

Publish full daily TV listings again

I just want to know if you are ever going to bring back the daily television listings for the whole day again. You even had a special TV section for the week, but that’s also gone now.
A lot of senior citizens like to watch television during the day. They don’t know what time or station.
Could you please help the daily watching television viewers?
They also would love to know the upcoming baseball games.

Be grateful for what you have in the U.S.

Recently after reading a Letter to the Editor, I was totally disgusted by this person’s evil attitude, prompting me to voice my opinion.
I will not mention his name so as not to embarrass him (although I should) certainly he will recognize himself if he reads my letter.
His opinion was so hateful towards our president and the Republican Party.
Everything he accuses the Republicans of describes the Democrats perfectly.
Why doesn’t he move to another country where he won’t have freedom of speech, be punished for such negativity towards his leader, then come back here, kiss the grounds of America and keep his vile opinion to himself?
He sounds like a very loquacious person who needs to rant and rave to be heard.
How proud I am to be an American.
Burnt Hills

Who will the ‘silent majority’ vote for?

In 2016 I wrote a letter stating the voters would elect what they felt the lesser of two evils as both parties put forth candidates unworthy of the presidency. For those who hope to unseat Donald Trump, neither Bernie Sanders nor Elizabeth Warren will accomplish that goal. Remember that past referred to “silent majority?” Primary’s for both parties count maybe a third of all voters leaving that middle third to ultimately make the decision. Speaking with many I don’t believe any of the “silent majority” will choose a socialist even over an antagonist like Donald Trump. Who is the lesser of two evils?

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