Two therapy dogs still missing in Glenville

Therapy dogs disappeared while outside in mid-morning last week
Therapy dogs Orso and Lucia have been missing for a week.
Therapy dogs Orso and Lucia have been missing for a week.


It’s been more than a week since Mary Ann Powers last saw her two dogs, Cane Corsi mastiffs who have given her comfort through multiple recent surgeries.

“They are two therapy dogs, and they were stolen right out of my yard at 9:30 in the morning,” said Powers, who lives in Ridge Road in West Glenville.

“I pray every day,” she said of her hopes for the dogs’ return.

The two dogs — three-year-old Orso and year-old Lucia — were put out on the morning of Monday, while a visiting nurse performed a medical procedure. It’s a heart precedure that’s been done routinely for the last year and takes about 45 minutes, with the dogs outside to maintain sanitary conditions. But this time, the dogs weren’t waiting to come back in like usual.

“My husband followed the dog tracks out to the edge of the road, and the dogs don’t go into the road,” she said.

Glenville police were notified, social media stories posted, two television stations have done stories, and neighbors have come to help search in the rural setting. But so far, nothing, not even any leads.

“Nobody actually saw them, but the footprints leading up to the road, and these dogs never wander,” Powers said.

Glenville police said there is no evidence the dogs were stolen, but has nevertheless posted about the usual situation on their Facebook page, and urged anyone with any information to contact the Schenectady County central dispatching center.

The dogs, Powers said, have provided her with therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder since she started undergoing a round of heart and other surgeries in 2017. She said she has had 23 procedures so far, with more to come. “The dogs have been my therapy,” she said.

“When I was sick, the dogs would come in and lay down next to me, just to distract from the sickness,” she said. “Why anyone would take the dogs is beyond me.”

The Cane Corso is a large dog breed of southern Italian origins that is used for personal protection, tracking, law enforcement, and as a guard dog. Orso is three years old, black, and weighs 125 pounds. Lucia is a year old, tan, weighs 95 pounds, and is still growing.

“They’re beautiful, they’re friendly. They look terrifying, but they’re teddy bears,” Powers said.

The dogs wouldn’t normally go with a stranger, but might if they were offered food, Powers acknowledged.

Both dogs have implanted identification microchips, but they aren’t GPS-equipped, so they’re no help in locating the dogs. 

“There’s been nothing,” she said of search efforts and concrete responses to social media posts. “Nobody has seen the dogs. Whoever has the dogs is hiding them very well.”

A $500 reward is being offered for the dogs’ return. People with information may call Glenville police or call Powers at 518-424-9242.

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