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Letters to the Editor for Friday, March 13

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Marijuana smoking isn’t without harm

With many medical associations warning of the dangers of marijuana, why do so many politicians want to legalize recreational marijuana?
Do these politicians believe that they know better about health than the health professionals?
The following is just a small sample of the medical associations which warn of the potential dangers of marijuana smoke, including secondhand smoke from those who smoke and/or vape.
The United States surgeon general, CDC, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Harvard Medical School, NIH and the American Medical Association.
There are marijuana smokers who might claim ignorance of the effects of their marijuana fumes on themselves and others.
However, reading the facts from just this above sample of scientific research should show the possible dangers of smoking and secondhand marijuana smoking and/or vaping.
The facts help illuminate the real danger of recreational marijuana can be, especially to children, those with respiratory problems, babies, pregnant women and their unborn babies, from smoking and vaping as well as secondhand marijuana smoke.
Now, possession of small amounts of marijuana has already been decriminalized in New York. Why then have full-blown legalization of recreational marijuana when the potential health dangers are so great, especially to children?
Let us therefore not consider legalization of recreational marijuana, lest we compromise the public health and the health of our children.
Larry Carp
The writer is a former resident and student from Albany and Schenectady and founder of Parents Against Legalizing Marijuana (PALM).

America in decline under Trump, GOP

I know that many of you will not remember Margaret Chase Smith, Republican senator from Maine, 1949-197, and first woman candidate for the presidency of the United States.
Margaret stood up against Sen. Joe McCarthy and damned her Republican colleagues as the Four Horsemen of Calumny — Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear — for not standing up for what is right.
Oh how closely this is related to the Republican senators and representatives, as well as the leader of the pack, Donald Trump.
When will folks realize that we are on a slippery slope of declination as a people and a country?
Please pull up your bootstraps. Our politicians should as well and really try to bring back what we have lost in the past three years. What have you or your family really gained in this time span?
It’s too bad that Sen. Collins from Maine didn’t have a declaration of conscience.
Richard Moran

Trump will keep U.S. going forward

From 2106 on, allegations were made about racism, adultery, collusion with Russia, Ukraine, obstruction and abuse of power, all fabricated by the Democrats.
What did they do for us (nothing) but waste our tax dollars on fabricated lies? Against all odds, President Trump defeated them at every turn of events.
Now they’re trying to decrease his powers over our troops by going through Congress.
The Democrats concentrated on destroying the president, not worried about better health care, education or our needs.
Now the Democrats want to tax our Social Security that has already been taxed while you were working.
Now we come to Bloomberg, de Blasio, Cuomo, what a team of New York state dictators. Then we have Schumer, Gillibrand and Tonko.
The only one missing is Putin and New York state will be filled with the Communist Party.
Our history stands for itself. We have a choice.
President Trump and keep going forward, or Democrats and destruction.
The Democrats want power over us and the Supreme Court to control this country. Are we that dumb to give it to them? Vote Republican across the board.
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.

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