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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, March 18

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Central Bridge may be a site for statue

I appreciate the March 12 letter (“Westinghouse statue long overdue”) from Dr. Frank Wicks about George Westinghouse. I live in the modest home where the inventor and entrepreneur was born in 1846. If Schenectady isn’t interested in commemorating him with a statue, perhaps Central Bridge would be a good second choice.
Lorraine Davis
Howes Cave

Older generations were a lot tougher

We have failed as a nation. What you say? Yes failed. We gave into fear. What did FDR say? Nothing to fear but fear itself. How true.
We are not like the World War II generation, sadly. My god, shutting down everything, pulling money out of stock market, causing a sure depression, why fear?
The regular flu kills more people worldwide every year.
China, Russia, Iran and others have to be held accountable for not being truthful.
All Americans please grow backbone, stand up for what is right, keep clean, use common sense. Glad we are not living 75 years ago; we would all be Japanese or Germans.
Al Marvell

Crime tech needs a reliable network

I write in response to your March 4 story, “Schenectady Police eye new smartphone tech,” on the department’s plan to use new smartphone software to provide real-time data to officers on patrol.
This will let officers access a wide variety of information including maps, discussion boards and details about crimes. As a retired New York State trooper who patrolled three decades ago, I am amazed at how modern technology helps fight crime and makes our communities safer.
It is well past time for law enforcement to embrace cutting-edge techniques to improve our ability to keep our communities safe. But to maximize the full potential of this new technology, it’s crucial to also invest in reliable high-speed wireless networks.
Reliable service is more important than ever, as 80% of 9-1-1 calls are placed from a wireless device. The added speed and reliability of 5G will ensure even more of those calls are received and answered as quickly as possible.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has recognized the need to fast-track a 5G network to keep New Yorkers safe and maintain the state’s economic competitiveness.
His budget calls for streamlining small cell permitting on municipal infrastructure. This will cut red tape and enable the industry to quickly facilitate a system that can transmit large amounts of data.
The Legislature should keep the governor’s proposal in the final budget, improving law enforcement’s ability to maintain its core mission to protect and serve in the modern age.
Daniel M. De Federicis
Saratoga Springs

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