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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, March 24

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Schenectady up to education challenge

While other school systems were figuring it out, Schenectady schools under the leadership of Larry Spring rose to the challenge of educating all of the school children at home.

With staff-developed plans, a Chromebook for each child who had no access to the internet, and even a way to provide daily breakfasts and lunches for each student, everyone made continuing education possible. This began on Day #1 of the Covid-19 shutdown. We should be ever so proud of what is being accomplished by the Schenectady City School District.

Sally Magid


The writer is a retired Schenectady teacher.

Fix roads before tearing up others

I am well aware that there are more pressing issues to discuss here, and by all means, continue on. But I have to ask if it is truly necessary to replace the gas lines on South Ferry and North Ferry Streets before repairs are made on the other streets in the Stockade?

The work has begun – needed and welcome improvements I’m sure. But this tiny neighborhood is truly battle-worn, road wise. North Ferry below Front Street was impassible for most of last fall. College Street has become a dirt road, war zone and has been for months. And Union Street is a futile exercise in dodging the potholes and uneven pavement from its “surgery” last spring.

Any chance some repair work to the roads that are shot could be done before another one is ripped up? Please? My tires will send a thank-you card, Mayor McCarthy. I seem to remember a spokesperson from City Hall late last summer mentioned that Union Street was scheduled to be repaved in October. Of course, I don’t think they mentioned what year or which October. Sneaky.

Matthew Moross



Put off all elective surgery during crisis

Why, as late as March 19, were some local hospitals still doing elective surgeries and procedures? Doesn’t that put people at risk? Are doctors not aware that this is putting patients and employees at an extremely high risk? Using supplies that could be used for necessary treatments? New York City may be out of supplies in two to three weeks. But up here, we will keep doing colonoscopies and carpal tunnel surgeries and procedures and using those supplies that we will desperately need shortly.

This a global emergency.

Mary Baker


Seniors are grateful for help in Glenville

A big shout-out to the town of Glenville and all of the wonderful volunteers for taking care of our homebound seniors by assisting them with grocery shopping during this difficult time. All of the people in this chain of action, from Supervisor Chris Koetzle, Vicki Hollis at the Senior Center, the anonymous grocery shopper and the nice delivery person are to be commended. Thank you for helping our beloved senior population.

Joanne VanGenderen


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