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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 26

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Be wary of gov’t in national emergency

I appreciated your March 24 editorial (“Budget too vital to rush in secret”) emphasizing “we can’t afford to stop paying attention.”
There is not a more appropriate time to follow the admonition of the adage to “question authority,” then when a government declares a state of national emergency — when the populace is riddled with fear, confusion and uncertainty. A crisis tends to bring out the best and worst in us. The best is affirming and heart-warming. The worst becomes troubling and scary.
We need to rely on our government to take proper public health and social policy steps to safeguard vulnerable people, and to be transparent in their actions.
But it’s also a time for investigative journalism to step up and look beneath the daily governmental updates.
Our government is mobilizing law enforcement and military resources, writing legislation involving trillions of dollars, and acting out hidden agendas, such as in Ohio, where they are using this health crisis to curtail abortions by relabeling them as elective procedures.
Throughout history, these periods are often when power is consolidated at the expense of the citizenry.
So, we all need to be vigilant about the actions of our elected officials.
We can hope that they are guided by positive ethics, common sense, and good character. But we all know what history has shown us about politicians.
Joe Zoske
Ballston Lake

Who cares about Thunberg’s illness?

Greta Thunberg thinks she may have contracted coronavirus because she has a sore throat and coughed. That is not news.
I don’t know why the media thinks this sort of tripe is relevant.
Art Teale
Howes Cave

Now develop better plan for fire station

Thank goodness someone with common sense has prevailed in stopping the village from holding a vote that put our residents’ well-being at risk.
This should give more time to come up with a more balanced solution, a closer look at needs versus wants.
We need a new village hall that is handicap accessible, likewise a police station with the room they need to function properly.
Without these agencies in the building, the firehouse could then be worked over to relieve the space issues and floor issues that exist.
The current administration seems to be hell bent to cater to the fire department’s want of a new house, but this would be a mistake and a waste of money.
The way this project has been pushed through the process without regard or respect to what is going on around us does not make sense.
The health and economic problems of our communities, states and nation should be their first consideration.
I would welcome a chance to sit down with the mayor and offer a different solution.
Charlie Brooks

High praise for Schenectady district

Three of our grandchildren live upstairs from us, and we have the pleasure of being part of their daily life.
The oldest attends Schenectady High School; her younger brother is a student at Oneida Middle School and the youngest is in Howe Elementary. I have been so impressed with their education, but never as much as now amid this shutdown due to the Covid-19 virus.
I want to publicly acknowledge the herculean effort made by Superintendent Larry Spring, his administrators, devoted teachers and support staff for ensuring that every Schenectady school student has the opportunity and means to continue their studies and learn from home.
There wasn’t a skipped beat.
The teachers have not only assigned the work to be substantive, but they have made every effort to make it engaging.
This is a difficult time for all, but I think especially for the children who are missing their friends, their extra-curricular activities and the routine of school.
Everyone involved with the Schenectady City School District deserves the highest praise and our most sincere thanks for all the effort made to help our children through this ordeal.
Mary Lou Russo

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