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Letters to the Editor for Friday, March 27

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We must put lives above the economy

Our nation is definitely suffering a full-blown crisis.
I’m not talking about the virus, but about a president, who cares not a twit about you but only about his investments and donors who vote to keep their wealth in office.
Sure, let’s all go back to work.
If you get sick or die, you are only a small percentage of the population. That’s not so bad. Someone can always do your job. Get that Dow Jones average up. It is worth a few deaths of older or health involved citizens. They are a drag on the economy anyway.
Go for it, Resident Rump. Be the ‘donkey’ we have always known you to be. Right now, Gov. Cuomo is my president.
Marilyn Sargent

O’Rourke had big impact on district

Dick O’Rourke, whose obituary was featured in the March 23 Gazette, was a founding member of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Education Foundation, serving for 15 years on its board.
He was a remarkable source of professional information and great ideas on how to reach out to make the BHBL schools all they can be. Dick helped the foundation raise more than $200,000, providing funding for new and exciting ideas, equipment and programs for our students.
Thank you, Dick, for all you did. We’ll always remember and miss you.
Dorie McArthur

Think of actions to others during crisis

The last time I wrote a letter to the editor was in 1986, while I was in the Army, stationed in Germany. I wrote to the Stars and Stripes newspaper about the panic over the recent Chernobyl nuclear plant failure sending radiation into the sky. I weathered that, too.
This time, my remarks are about the mindless hoarding of goods in an irrational panic. There is plenty of blame volleyed around for this panic due to poor government information.
I suppose the panic and hoarding is about the fear of possible quarantine. My wife and I discussed it and planned for it. We could order goods online from any of the markets offering the service, and anyone of our friends or neighbors would pick them up for us and leave them on our porch. No human contact involved.
We always have a supply of toilet paper, tissues, cleaners  and foods, but only a few weeks’ worth.
Those of you who saw fit to storm the markets to overstock yourselves with goods you may never use, arrange your stockpile of toilet paper and other goods into an altar. Then kneel in front of it and pray for forgiveness for your greed. Pray for forgiveness, for instead of “do unto others….” you stuck it to others. Instead of “Love thy neighbor…”, your actions said, “screw my neighbor.”
Finally, use your common sense and listen to the doctors, not the politicians. They don’t know squat.
Dominick R. Belli

If Cuomo values life, he’ll protect unborn

“We’re not going to accept the premise that human life is dispensable, and we’re not going to put a dollar figure on human life. First order of business is to save lives, Period. Whatever it takes.”
These are the words of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as reported in the March 25 Daily Gazette article “Cuomo: COVID-19 cases are outpacing predictions.”
How I wish that the governor would apply the same philosophy to the approximately 300 unborn children aborted each day in our state.
These unborn children are human lives having the same intrinsic value as those unfortunately affected by the coronavirus.
They are not carrots, rabbits, or any other life form.
For shame, the governor has deemed abortion clinics to be “essential” businesses that must be kept open during the virus pandemic.
If only he would not discriminate among human lives so blatantly on the basis of age.
Wendell Neugebauer
Ballston Spa


Miss Joe Gallagher on WGY

I am joining the two other letter writers this week that expressed their disappointment with WGY’s decision to do away with the weekend morning show. I also have written to the station. Joe Gallagher was a real positive force on the radio, enlightening us, not only with his humor, but with information on many local places and events. His banter with his staff never failed to make us laugh, and his many characters, like Marge, and the ‘Boss’ were priceless. In a world that could use a few laughs, I’m sorry that WGY decided to cancel one source. And, Joe, if you read this, know that lots of your fans loved and miss you and are sorry we didn’t get to say “Goodbye.”
Lynn Latham

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