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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, March 28

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Trump proves his inability to govern

I briefly watched the Orange Raccoon on March 19 and was struck by something he said. He was whining (as usual) because the governors were requesting that the feds actually contribute to the battle against COVID-19 by helping with supplies like respirators and ventilators.
His response that the feds were not “shipping clerks” made me realize that shipping clerk might be one of the few jobs that the Raccoon is capable of.
Remember his skill at handing out paper towels in Puerto Rico. He is certainly not capable of running a business (check his bankruptcy record) or governing our country. Just saying.
George Elston
Fort Hunter

Focus on health care, not criticism

So many health care providers on the front lines are in dire need of a variety of equipment.
Our nation has vast production, governmental resources and know-how, as well as ties to other countries, to quickly bring sufficient equipment immediately to the front.
The president needs to more strongly insist upon immediate action for more retooling of industry and government to get the vitally sought health care equipment to where health care workers are struggling to serve the virus patients.
The Defense Production Act has been invoked. The people of this country, especially those on the health care front, look for the president to maintain the needed focus upon providing such needed equipment than upon complaining about the ‘unfair’ criticism’s certain members of the press.
James Raymond

Grateful to ‘Queen’ for providing lunch

There is an old saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The Glenville Queen Diner proved that saying wrong with their offering of free lunches to seniors on Saturday, March 21, and I would like to thank them for the delicious brown bag lunch I picked up for my wife and myself. We thank them for their support of the community, and we plan to continue dining at The Queen.
Robert Glynn

Consider other sites for firehouse

I am writing in support of Sara Foss’s Feb. 23 column (“Questions about proposed Scotia fire station”) concerning the village of Scotia proposed firehouse contemplated for the western portion of Collins Park.
Most agree that a replacement firehouse is long overdue. While the costs are high, they are going to be higher if we wait.
However, the location is questionable at best. To take a portion of a public park to save money is simply not warranted. Residents need to ask themselves if this is truly the best location. As I drive down Mohawk Avenue, I see a closed bowling alley, an underutilized former U-Haul store and a vacant lot on the corner of Reynolds Street.
All come with a price, but it should be carefully weighed against the loss of precious green space which, once gone, will be gone forever.
William B. Faubion

Fill the gap for those who miss basketball

I, like many others, am missing the NCAA tournament and (will miss) the upcoming NBA playoffs, due to the coronavirus COVID-19.
I would like to suggest some ideas to help bolster the interest of your readers during this time.
What I propose to gain interest is the following:
Pick a random year and report (text) the coverage, as well as the box scores of games, which have already been played (probably years ago). It may also be of interest to do a highlight on the future pro careers of some of the participants.
For instance, the 1951-1952 season:
• East Regionals, March 21 and 22: Kentucky v. Penn State; St. John’s v. NC State; Illinois v. Dayton; and Duquesne v. Princeton.
• West Regionals March 21 and 22: Kansas v. TCU; St. Louis v. New Mexico State; Santa Clara v. UCLA; and Wyoming v. Oklahoma City
East 2nd round, March 23 and 24: Kentucky v. St. John’s; and Illinois v. Duquesne
• West 2nd round, March 23 and 24: Kansas v. St. Louis; and Santa Clara v. Wyoming
• Final Four, March 25: St. John’s v. Illinois; and Kansas v. Santa Clara
• National Final, March 26: St. John’s v. Kansas
Highlight articles might be about Phog Allen of Kansas, Adolf Rupp of Kentucky and future pros such as Clyde Lovellette of Kansas, Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsay and Lou Tsioropoulis all of Kentucky; Johnny Kerr of Illinois; and Kenny Sears of Santa Clara.
Dave Wheeler

Local gov’ts need help on solar arrays

The March 21 “Across N.Y. state, solar farms spark ire” article expressed some people’s concerns about renewable energy projects and the protection and use of natural resources by developers.
The state constitution stipulates we have rights to the blessings of Almighty God and our municipal governments have power to protect them and our natural resources.
The additional income from leasing farmland helps farmers reduce their debt and threats of bankruptcy and foreclosure. However, if the rows of silicon and metal solar panels pollute the land and create additional brownfields, then we will need better stewards of our resources.
I think our elected government officials need to learn how to administer laws and land use plans to protect our natural resources and the public health of residents.
The state Clean Energy Communities program can provide technical assistance to municipal officials and financial assistance for public and private renewable energy projects.
We know many developers and businesses deny their chemical contamination of our land, water and air resources is their fault.
And, many complain about the economic hardship to control their ‘pollution for profit’ activities. In fact, there are many municipalities with contaminated brownfields and waterways throughout the Mohawk-Hudson River Watershed.
I hope democracy decides to conserve our natural resources by improving the functions of municipal governments’ laws and plans to care for creation and protect our rights and blessings from efforts of ‘polluters for profit.’
Michael McGlynn

Schumer should put focus on problems

No matter what our president says, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to jam down our throats that what they say is right.
They should direct their attention on the problems we have.
Now Schumer has gone after our Supreme Court justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh because they aren’t bowing down to his stupid ideas. He had the gall to say he didn’t mean to say it that way. I guess he thinks we are too ignorant to read between the lines.
I hope when it comes time to vote, you remember all the taxpayer money that they have already wasted to fund these idiots.
James Maxfield

Paper should publish recipes, good movies

May I list some things your paper could do to help: Have simple recipes listed to make quickly for those at-home workers and elders.
People could send in what they make that’s quick, easy and low cost. I, too, have some to share.
Publish some healthy snacks for elders, and especially children, to learn to make and keep them busy and full. Also ask how they are keeping busy during their in-house stay. We could share this and learn.
I am spring cleaning, etc. Our TV channels could offer good movies and list them in the paper for kids, teens and adults. Your paper is sure to help more.
Ruth Benacquista

Trump lacks the skills to lead during crisis

For six years, I taught leadership in the U.S. Navy.
Lying, bullying, gaslighting and intimidation were not part of the recommended skill set. And most importantly, the buck stops with the leader.
The very stable genius has declared himself a wartime president. He has enabled the Defense Production Act but has not put it into action. He hopes to not need it. How high does the infection rate need to be?
There’s a huge shortage of medical supplies. He said the governors need to take care of that. He is not a shipping clerk. He takes no responsibility for the lack of testing. (It’s Obama’s fault). He eliminated the pandemic teams. He considers his performance a 10. He is a weak, incompetent, insecure little man driven by his “me first” attitude.
You can’t fix stupid, and millions of Americans will pay the price for it. This job requires character, courage and commitment, which he sorely lacks. Are the lives of your family safe in this complete vacuum of leadership? At least we have Cuomo getting it right for New York. Leadership surpasses gut instinct.
I expect all the Kool-Aid-drinking Trump lemmings will take issue with this.
Suzanne Schuffert

St. Clare’s retirees continue to suffer

I am so proud of the way the St. Clare’s Hospital retirees have joined together to form a movement which is second to none.
They were left to care for themselves due to the St. Clare’s Hospital pension collapse. These are extraordinary people who are surviving this gut-wrenching ordeal day after day. They are standing up to this overwhelming task to recover their pensions.
Nothing has come easy for the 1,100 faithful and loyal St. Clare’s Hospital employees, who were left in a situation where it was impossible to ever see their pensions again.
But little did St. Clare’s Hospital know that there were many people who sided with the employees and were willing to help them fight for their missing pensions.
The hardest thing that these exceptional people have to do is to get through each day with this combination of every kind of torture all wrapped into one, which is attacking their bodies every single day. You would not wish this awful cruel treatment on your worst enemy.
How St. Clare’s Hospital could put these loyal caregivers in this disgraceful situation is one of the worst acts of abuse on this planet.
For Jerry and Kathy Adach, who worked at St. Clare’s Hospital for 59 years combined, to be told they would receive no pension is like getting a death sentence. This is wrong. Who is going to make it right again?
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Grateful for help after fall in Glenville

On Feb. 25, I fell in the roadway on Droms Road in Glenville, unable to get up, as I had dislocated my shoulder, in addition to other injuries I sustained in the fall.
I would like to thank the two good Samaritans who both stopped their cars to help me off the road and kept the oncoming traffic from hitting me.
Also, special thanks to my neighbors who assisted during that time.
I am making a full recovery thanks to the kindness of my neighbors and these two strangers.
Lola Wilson

The Y does so much for our communities

For most of us, the Y is simply “swim and gym.” It’s really no different from Planet Fitness in the mall or Vent Fitness down the street.
The thing people don’t realize, though, is that the Y does so much more for our community than being a place to play rec basketball or take your first swim lessons.
It’s the people who provide our kids’ after-school care and teach our high school students about their government, and it’s the people who helped to make our very own Schenectady one of three cities in America that President Obama recognized as effectively eliminating veteran homelessness.
The sad truth, however, is that the sickly grip of Covid-19 has hit the nonprofit sector harder than most. In taking care of our employees like any business, we need to financially support them while they use any sick time while also dealing with financial losses from canceled programming and drying up donations.
Federal aid is vital in keeping not only our local Y’s open, but also hundreds of other nonprofit groups that consistently bolster our community.
I’m asking my fellow residents of the NY-20 and all members of the CDYMCA to reach out to their congresspeople and do as I am doing now. We have strength in numbers, and we must show our leaders that we value the work our nonprofits do for us.
Jack Kelly
Clifton Park

Why do people buy guns during crisis?

The Sunday March 22 Gazette story titled “Locked (in) and Loaded” is surely a WTF moment.
Are these people afraid that their homes may be invaded by others looking to steal their toilet paper?
Or, maybe, these gun buyers are looking to invade other homes and steal their toilet paper?
Debra Kenfield

Cuomo has nerve to ask for our help now

Wow, Gov. Cuomo finally contacted the St. Clare’s pensioners.  
Oh, but it wasn’t to discuss the sudden loss of our pension through our St. Clare’s benefit plan. No, it was a letter that he sent to ask us, as health care workers, to help out in this difficult time of the coronavirus.
He asked the retirees to come out of retirement and help out. Well, governor, I have news for you. St. Clare’s pensioners have been taking care of Schenectady County for years and we continue to do so. If you had bothered to make time for us at all in the past 15 months, you would know that we already are in the health field, because we cannot afford to retire. The state of New York shorted our pension plan by $18 million (see Sen. Tedisco’s press conference) and the Catholic Church has deserted us (no moral responsibility).
Now you find our addresses and send a letter when you have ignored hundreds of emails and phone calls and even a rally at the capitol where we left over 4,000 signatures with your staff? Shame on you.
Mary Hartshorne
Ballston Lake
The writer is chairman of the St. Clare’s Pension Recovery Alliance (SCPRA).

Blame neighbors for hoarding toilet paper

I thought I was seeing things when I read Arthur O’Brien’s March 21 letter (“Get us toilet paper or lose the election.”) The president didn’t hoard the toilet paper; hoarders did.
If you run out, see your neighbors who purchased, in some cases, pallets of the stuff. Can’t imagine why they think they need so much, leaving the rest of us temporarily without.
Virginia Graney

Trump, McConnell showing no empathy

 I listened to the White House press briefing regarding the coronavirus led by President Trump on March 22.
He says he lost “billions of dollars” by taking his current job. No mention of the average American who is watching their 401k’s and IRAs rapidly declining. When asked why he hasn’t put the Defense Procurement Act (DPA) into full effect, he says that companies will volunteer to help build medical equipment, so he does not have to do so.
Gov. Cuomo has asked him to fully implement the DPA to combat this coronavirus in New York.
I could not also believe President Trump mocked Sen. Mitt Romney, who has gone into voluntary isolation because of exposure to another senator who has tested positive for the coronavirus.
I see a lack of leadership coming from this White House, but I do see the petty, vindictive blame game tactics and less-than-truthful statements. Senate Majority Leader McConnell also has leadership issues. He has taken to blaming his Democratic colleagues for not supporting the plan he wanted. This is a negotiation process, not a blame game.
Douglas McFadden

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