Schenectady Little League clubhouse incurs heavy damage following vandalism sprees

Official: “They really did a number on the place"
A storage garage door at Schenectady Little League is shown after being kicked in by vandals.
A storage garage door at Schenectady Little League is shown after being kicked in by vandals.

SCHENECTADY — Vandals broke into Schenectady Little League’s clubhouse twice over the past week, causing considerable damage. 

The first entry discovered by workers at the Oregon Avenue location early last week saw suspects gain entry through an upstairs window. 

“Once they were inside the clubhouse, they destroyed memorabilia, files and spray-painted walls,” said Mark Peters, the league’s vice president. “They attempted to get into the safe, but were unsuccessful.”

Peters described some of the graffiti as satanic, including the phrase “666.” Vandals also spray-painted an anarchy sign and what he suspects is gang-related terminology. 

Workers installing a new roof tipped them off to the damage.

The suspects also damaged cabinets, sports equipment and trashed the concession area, scattering candy and sunflower seeds around, as well as removing the cash register and destroying the trophy case. 

Peters suspects the vandals were using tools pilfered from their garage, which was also broken into.

A tipster on Sunday notified city police of a second break-in, which damaged freezers, food and the league’s PA system.

“Anything they could get their hands on, they just threw around the clubhouse,” Peters said. “They really did a number on the place.”

Vandals also “completely destroyed” baseball memorabilia from the 1950s and 1960s, he said. 

Schenectady Little League famously won the 1954 Little League World Series. The artifacts were not the same items removed from the city’s Michigan Avenue field earlier this year, Peters said.

Costs of the damage are still being tallied.

Peters thanked city police, who he said will deploy extra nighttime patrols to the area.

Clean-up efforts will tentatively commence this week and will be conducted in accordance with social distancing requirements implemented as part of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Peters said.

“This is quite a setback,” he said. 

Schenectady Little League will launch a crowdfunding campaign to assist with damages. To learn more, find them on Facebook or visit

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